Bort Extra Wide Knee Brace for Larger Thighs

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This extra-large knee brace from Bort has a unique design that makes it perfect for treatment of many knee injuries. This is a pull-on sleeve style knee support - and the upper portion of the brace has extra elastic that can be tightened via straps, to accommodate larger thighs. The area over the kneecap is open. The adjustable straps of the knee sleeve make it easier for you to slide it over a tender and/or swollen kneecap. And its knitted construction makes the knee brace for large thighs quite comfortable to wear. Check out all of our Plus Size Knee Braces - BraceAbility offers many knee pain solutions for men and women with larger thighs.
Detailed Description

A Comfortable Knee Brace for Wide Thighs

Bort’s extra-wide knee brace for large thighs can help with a number of injuries, including fluid on the knee (articular effusion), kneecap swelling, osteoarthritis of the knee (OA or arthrosis), various forms of patella arthritis, knee instability and after operations to repair knee damage.

This knee brace is great for people with larger legs who are looking for a customized level of compression around their knee joint to encourage healing and reduce swelling. The unique design allows you to pull the brace on like a sleeve, and the part above your knee has extra elastic to fit wider thighs and is tightened with Velcro straps. This eliminates the struggle of trying to slide the brace over your kneecap, and the Velcro straps allow you to tighten and loosen as needed so you get the exact level of compression you want.

The open area over the kneecap keeps pressure off the joint, plus it improves the flexibility of the plus-size knee brace. The opening also improves the breathability of the knee brace for an overweight or obese person.

Two stays run along the length of the knee brace for fat thighs and knees on both sides of the kneecap. This enhances the brace’s supportive qualities. They also help the support to prevent damaging movements of the knee. An added benefit of these flexible stays is they prevent the support from bunching up.

Another unique feature of this knee brace is the removable pads that can be positioned as needed underneath and around the sides of your kneecap. These provide an added layer of support, plus they protect your joint from outside forces.

The brace is composed of a knitted material that is quite breathable. The sleeve hugs the knee; this plus the Velcro closures ensure that the knee brace won’t slip out of position. It also comes in a neutral beige color that is ideal for discreet usage. 

This knee brace can be washed by hand in lukewarm water using a mild detergent and should be air dried.

Plus-size Elastic Knee Sleeve for Stability and Pain Relief

Being overweight or obese increases stress on the kneecap, increasing the risk of injuries that make the knee unstable or require surgery to repair, or wearing down tissues, leading to long-term problems with fluid on the knee or arthritis. For more serious injuries to the kneecap like ligament tears, you should check out some of our functional knee braces or a plus-size knee brace with hinges.

If you fall into this category, you need a knee brace in a custom size that truly fits your knee. Squeezing into a knee brace that is too small can actually increase pain. Bort’s extra-wide knee brace is made specifically for larger thighs and knees.

The knee sleeve for wide thighs also stands out thanks to the stretchy excess material of the thigh portion of the support and its Velcro straps. This limits the stress of pulling the brace over the knee while still allowing one to get a great, customized fit.

The plus size knitted knee sleeve also includes added supportive features such as four flexible stays and pads on either side of the kneecap that address instability and protect against further damage. These stays provide additional support to your knee ligaments, and helps prevent harmful side-to-side movements which could make an exisiting knee injury worse. For minor knee injuries or instabilities, you may be able to get by with a basic extra-large knee sleeve

The extra-large, Velcro-closure knee brace is flexible like a sleeve, making it great for daily or active use. And there is no shortage of reasons to use knee braces for rehabilitation.

Q&A on Bort’s Extra Large Knee Brace for the Obese

  • What conditions/injuries does this extra-large knee support treat? It can help with long-term (chronic) or post-operative irritations of the soft tissues of the knee, ligament instability, articular effusion (fluid on the knee), knee osteoarthritis (arthrosis) and arthritis of the joint.
  • How does it work?  The Velcro-closure knee brace provides compression like you would expect from a sleeve, but with added support features, including stays on either side of the knee and padding. This combination of features supports an unstable knee, reduces pain and inflammation and protects against damaging movements.
  • What is this brace made of? The large knee brace is composed of a mix of cotton, elastocide and polyamide (a synthetic material similar to nylon).
  • Who can wear this support? This knee wrap is meant for people with wide thighs and large knees. It fits knee circumferences ranging from 13 2/5” to 21 ¾”. Check out the sizing chart for more details.
  • How do I put it on? Position the brace so that the patella recess is upward. Slide the plus-size knee support up the leg and center the kneecap within the opening. Tighten and secure the Velcro straps across the thigh. They should apply compression and support without cutting off any circulation.
    Washing Instructions:
    First, close the Velcro closure straps to prevent the knee brace from damaging any other items it is being washed with. Hand-wash this support using lukewarm water and mild detergent. Next, shape the brace and allow it to air-dry. Do not use heat or fabric softener when caring for this item.
  • Other features:
    • The knitted material of this large thigh and knee brace is breathable.
    • An open-patella design improves the air flow and flexibility of this support.
    • Velcro straps above the knee provide a lot of flexibility in terms of sizing, plus they make application and removal of the brace simple.
    • This knee brace includes four stays—2 on the inside and 2 on the outside of your leg. 
    • This knee brace is slightly shorter than other <a href="">plus size knee braces</a> we offer. At 11.5" tall - it is discreet and low profile enough to be worn under clothes comfortably.
    • Color: Beige. 

Sizing Chart

SizeKnee Circumference
3 15 3/4" - 16 7/8"
4 16 7/8" - 18 1/8"
5 18 1/8" - 19 1/4"
6 19 1/4" - 20 1/2"
7 20 1/2" - 21 3/4"
All measurements taken at the center of the kneecap. Measurement is in inches.

Additional Information

L Code: L1815

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Bort Extra Wide Knee Brace for Larger Thighs

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