Bort Incisional Hernia Scar Rupture Protection Belt

Bort’s abdomen scar protection belt is composed of comfortable, breathable fabric with a round silicone pad that protects and compresses the abdominal scar area specifically. The plastic-reinforced pad of the abdomen scar protector can be positioned as needed for one’s stomach incision protection needs. Therefore, this is a great abdominal rupture support for the stomach, in addition to helping with scar insufficiency or abdominal muscle weakness or paralysis.
Detailed Description

Abdomen Scar Protection Belt

There are many abdominal braces and abdominal supports available for varying forms of abdominal pain and discomfort, but finding a belly band for scar protection and scar insufficiency can be challenging.

Bort’s scar rupture protection belt is uniquely suited for such cases thanks to its round silicone pad that can be positioned individually around one’s midsection.

The pad of hernia post-surgical binders for scars is reinforced with plastic. And the cover of said pad is a soft terry cloth that can be removed if one so desires. 

Thanks to the customizable pad, the abdominal rupture belt can help after various surgeries, including hernia repair, Cesarean section deliveries, tummy tucks, hysterectomies and so much more. It can also be used for paralysis or weakness of one’s abdominal muscles as well as scar insufficiency.

The abdominal binder for incisional hernia care is composed of breathable elastic fabric that fits smoothly and comfortably against one’s skin. The abdominal scar splint can easily be secured and adjusted thanks to a Velcro closure.

Two supporting splints prevent the belt for abdominal hernias from bunching, and they add a layer of support.

The belly band for post hysterectomy care applies compression to one’s midsection. Besides providing soothing support, this also helps reduce inflammation and swelling, prevents edema and encourages quicker healing.

The white abdominal belt for ventral hernia treatment fits discreetly beneath one’s clothes. It is 5.1-inches wide, which is an ideal amount of coverage in most instances. You can call us to order wider belts for scars.

Why Wear an Abdomen Scar Protector?

The formation of an incisional hernia is a very real risk following various laparotomies—surgical procedures through the abdominal wall. This might include an appendectomy, a tummy tuck, c-section births or hysterectomies to name just a few. In fact, an incisional hernia (which also includes ventral incisional hernia) is the second most common type of hernia.

Incisional hernias stem from an incompletely healed surgical wound. They may occur soon after the procedure or even several years out.

This is a great abdominal belt for an existing incisional hernia. And one of the best ways to prevent/minimize scars on the stomach and preventing complications like an incisional hernia or a hernia scar rupture after surgery is wearing a protective splint for abdominal incisions.

For one, many recommend wearing a belt to protect and support the abdomen when it is vulnerable and tender after surgery. Wearing a c section recovery belt can make one more comfortable moving around sooner, which is generally viewed as a positive in terms of advancing one’s recovery from abdominal injury.

The compression the hernia belt for incisional hernia applies is great for reducing inflammation and preventing edema. The compression also stimulates blood flow and thus hernia scar healing. This, in turn, helps ward off the development of an incisional hernia. Wearing an abdominal binder after surgery can also limit scar sensitization.

The round silicone pad in the belt for scar protection provides targeted compression and support. The pad is reinforced with plastic and it can be positioned within the abdominal binder for use after a hysterectomy or other surgical procedures as appropriate for one’s incision.

Besides acting as a rupture support belt, this product can also help in instances where one needs to support or compression weak or sore abdominal muscles. Therefore, it can also work as a uterine support belt after birth or simply as a pulled abdominal muscle support.

Features of Abdominal Belt for Ventral Hernia Care and More

Bort offers one of the best compression belts for c-section recovery, abdominal hernia repair, tummy tuck recovery, hysterectomies and more. Following is a list of its many selling points.

  • Post-surgical abdominal pad for vaginal and cesarean birth recovery, tummy tuck scar treatment, incisional ventral hernia support and pain relief, hysterectomy scar protection, gastric bypass, liposuction, abdominal muscle infirmity and paralysis and other abdominal/uterus surgeries
  • Elastic compression truss supports and protects one’s midsection
  • Includes a round, silicone pad that can be positioned as needed along the incisional hernia binder
  • Pad of the binder for abdominal incisional hernia is reinforced with plastic and covered in soft terry cloth
  • Two splints prevent the incisional hernia support belt from rolling or bunching
  • Breathable, flexible elastic bands for incisional hernia are comfortable to wear
  • Lightweight, low-profile and white design make this a discrete incisional hernia girdle
  • The 5.1-inch height of this belt is ideal for most instances where protection of a scar is needed (A taller, 8-inch version is available by special order; please call).
  • Velcro closure of the hernia guard for stomach surgery makes it easy to apply and adjust

Sizing Chart

SizeCircumference of Waist
Size 160 - 95 cm (23" - 37")
Size 295 - 125 cm (37" - 49")
Size 3125 - 150 cm (49" - 59")
Measurement point: Circumference of waist at the narrowest part of your torso.

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L Code: L830

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Bort Incisional Hernia Scar Rupture Protection Belt

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