Bort DigiSoft Hand Splint & Finger Immobilizer

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The Bort DigiSoft Hand Finger Brace is a unique finger support from Bort that supports up to two fingers, leaving the others free. The Bort DigiSoft Hand Finger Splint for finger injuries splints any finger injury that needs stabilization to heal properly. For kids with finger injuries, try the Bort DigiSoft Pediatric Finger Splint

Detailed Description

Bort DigiSoft Hand Splint & Finger Immobilizer

The Bort DigiSoft Finger Support is a unique hand and finger brace designed to treat various finger injuries requiring immobilization, support, or stabilization. The removable Velcro straps and moldable aluminum splint this hand splint features allows one to customize the fit based on the nature and severity of their injury.

The tendonitis finger treatment supports one or two fingers, leaving the rest of the hand free to move. The hand and finger splint keeps any one to two injured fingers in a stabilized position for treatment of a broken finger, trigger finger, finger tendonitis, and other finger injuries or abnormalities.

The index finger splint is a comfortable, practical solution that allows one’s fingers to properly heal without restriction of mobility in other fingers. Unlike most finger stabilizers, this finger splint includes three removable Velcro straps, allowing one to move the fasteners to various areas of the finger along the splint for customizable compression and stabilization.   

The middle finger brace is ideal for a wide variety of injuries and individuals as it features an aluminum splint that can be molded into the shape necessary for the patient. For children, BraceAbility additionally offers a kids finger splint offering the same benefits as the adult version to children with finger injuries.

The hand tendonitis treatment also includes straps around the hand and wrist that allow the two finger splint to be used on any fingers and offer additional support and stabilization to the entire hand.

Finger Stabilizer for Broken Finger & Finger Tendonitis

Because this hand and finger brace is so versatile and customizable, it can be used for various injuries and abnormalities of all fingers. Specifically, this finger stabilizer splint is ideal for the following:

  • Broken or bruised fingers
  • Finger tendonitis
  • Trigger finger
  • Post-operative use
  • Hand tendonitis
  • Finger fracture
  • Broken knuckles, and more

These various injuries to the fingers require stabilization, immobilization and comfort to the affected finger or fingers. Thanks to the removable Velcro straps and moldable splint, this hand brace for fingers allows the patient to achieve customized compression and support.

The finger cast cover keeps the injured fingers in a fixed position for proper healing and constant support. The double finger splint is constructed of soft, plush material, offering optimal user comfort during the healing process.

The combination of immobilization and compression this finger hand splint offers promotes quick recovery of injured fingers. Compression of the bruised or broken fingers increases blood flow and circulation to the affected area, allowing for quick healing.

Finger fractures typically require immobilization in a splint for three to four weeks until one’s finger is no longer sensitive to impact. Once the splint is no longer necessary, the finger may be wrapped to the adjacent finger for protection for a week or two until the bone is fully healed. This hand finger brace allows one to utilize its various purposes throughout the healing process- from immobilization, to general protection.

To apply, simply bend the aluminium splint to your desired shape. Open all Velcro tapes, and place the affected finger(s) on the brace. Fasten the Velcro tapes in the finger region such that the fingers are comfortably supported. Close the Velcro tape at the wrap and wrap the long, loose, enclosed tape around the middle of the hand and fasten.

Features of the Hand Splint & Finger Immobilizer

The DigiSoft Finger Support immobilizes up to two fingers that have suffered a finger injury of varying severity. Bort DigiSoft was designed to help heal sports finger injuries and everyday finger injuries that need to be treated correctly and quickly.

  • A broken finger splint or a fractured finger brace is supported and stabilized with the Bort DigiSoft Finger Brace. If you have a broken middle finger or a broken index finger, the DigitSoft works for both and the other fingers.
  • Wrist sprains and wrist strains are injuries to the ligaments and a finger tendon injury in the finger joints that need the immobilization to be allowed to heal properly.
  • Finger bruises and dislocations can also occur from overuse and may need stabilization and comfort to heal
  • Finger immobilizer splint for holding one or two fingers in a fixed position
  • Padded with soft material, aluminum splint can be molded into shape as required
  • Three velcro fasteners for optimum immobilization, position of velcro fasteners on middle of hand and fingers can be varied
  • Approx. 7.1" long
  • Color: blue

Sizing Chart

SizeHand Length
#15" - 6"
#26" - 7.5"
#37.5" - 8.5"
Measurement point: Base of palm to tip of finger.

Additional Information

L Code: L3933

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Bort DigiSoft Hand Splint & Finger Immobilizer

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