Bort Dual-Tension Compression Knee Pain Brace

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The Dual-Tension is a simple yet effective brace for knee pain that comforts and helps to stabilize the knee. This lightweight knee brace is an inexpensive yet highly effective knee brace for general knee pain and injuries. Constructed with three-dimensional stitching for the ultimate fit.
Detailed Description

A Fitted Knee Brace with 3-D Stitching

The Dual-Tension compression knee brace was designed with the comfort of the patient in mind. While it can work alone to compress the knee cap and ligaments, the Dual-Tension knee support is also thin enough to be worn underneath hinged, functional, or post-operative knee braces for added knee support. This knee brace is made with unique three dimensional stitching which means it fits more securely, hugging your knee and conforming to its shape, without permanently stretching. This stitching method offers better knee support and compression than traditional knitted knee braces.

Features of this Lightweight Knee Pain Brace

  • Elastic in all directions that knee is capable of bending for added stability and compression to the injured area.
  • The brace is made with a smooth fabric that won’t slip in order to prevent further knee discomfort.
  • Because of its thinner more lightweight design, the Dual-Tension merely compresses the pain in knee rather than squeezing it at the back of the knee.
  • A knee brace for either knee and for the knee in pain.

A Compression Knee Brace for many Knee Injuries

The Dual-Support thin design allows it to be used in multiple different ways for various knee problems.

  • Many minor sports injuries to the knee can leave players unable to play to their full potential. This thin knee brace adds the compression and comfort to get players back to being active.
  • The ligament in the knee is what ultimately allows the knee to be used properly. When injured, it must have the proper care in order to heal. Depending on the severity of the knee injury, the Dual-Tension can work by itself or with another brace in order to heal the injured ligament properly.
  • If there was an injury involving surgery or the use of a plaster cast on the knee area, this brace works great in post operative situations. Compressing when needed and allowing for more active recovery such as knee exercises.

Sizing Chart

SizeMiddle of Kneecap
SUp to 12 1/4"
M12 1/4" - 14 1/2"
L14 1/2" - 16 1/2"
XL16 1/2" - 19"
2XL19" - 21 1/4"
Measure the circumference around the middle of your kneecap (Point A), in inches.
Sleeve should have a snug fit to provide proper compression. If in-between sizes, order the smaller size.

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Bort Dual-Tension Compression Knee Pain Brace

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