Bort Additional Thumb Under Sleeve Color:Black

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Additional undersleeve compatible with the Bort Selladur Thumb Arthritis Treatment Splint

Detailed Description

Bort SelladDur Extra Undersleeve

This soft cotton undersock is compatible with the Bort Selladur Thumb Arthritis Treatment Splint. Although the brace comes with a hand sleeve, individuals have found it useful to have at least two on hand for alternating while washing, or wearing two at a time for extra support, warmth, or protection. The Bort Selladur Splint is constructed of rigid plastic, which can be very uncomortable against the skin over the course of the day. The black undersock adds comfort with it's soft material, and prevents the thumb brace from rubbing or chaffing against the skin. The black undersleeve is available in one universal size, which will fit comfortably underneath the three different sizes of the SellDur Splint. 

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Bort Additional Thumb Under Sleeve Color:Black

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