Big & Tall Knee Brace for Bigger Men & Women

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This 16" tall wrap-around brace comes in extra large sizes up to 3XL and is specifically geared for heavyset people or those with large legs. The wrap-around design of the big knee wrap and closure at the front of one’s leg makes application easy, and the cooling perforated material makes it more breathable and comfortable to wear. Plus the heavy duty knee brace comes with covered hinges for added knee support of knee ligaments like the ACL, MCL, LCL and PCL.
Detailed Description

Extra Large Knee Brace for Bigger & Taller People 

Those seeking a big and tall knee brace from a Big 5 or other sports retail store may be discouraged by the narrow selection of sizes. This extra-large knee support not only addresses this shortfall, but it also has a number of design elements that are especially convenient for those dealing with obesity-related knee pain.

The medium to 3XL sizes the knee brace comes in can fit knee circumferences ranging from 14.25 to 23 inches. (For even larger sizes, check out this obesity knee pain brace that fits knee circumferences up to 30 inches.) The big and tall knee brace is fairly long, measuring 16 inches.

An anterior (front) closure makes it easy to secure the plus-size knee brace as it minimizes the amount of twisting and such required. Velcro closures secure the wrap itself, plus the large knee brace has two straps above and below the knee that secure it in place.

These bariatric knee braces come with polycentric hinges on both sides of the knee cap for additional support. They are covered with condyle pads, making the extra-large knee braces appropriate for athletic activities. The hinges for medial and lateral (side-to-side) stability can be removed if one prefers a more flexible fit.

The open area over the kneecap makes the knee braces for large people more flexible, plus it improves the breathability of the product. The same can be said for the open popliteal area at the back of the knee. Plus the open back area prevents the bariatric knee brace from bunching up uncomfortably.

The perforated material of the obese knee brace keeps the covered portion of the leg cool, even as it applies compression. And one can tighten or loosen the body of the wrap or the straps to adjust the amount of pressure applied.

Obesity and Knee Pain (And How a Big Knee Wrap Can Help)

The link between obesity and knee problems is well documented. Added pounds increase strain on the joint, eventually causing damage. Consider that when simply walking at a normal speed the knee is responsible for supporting three to five times one’s body weight. When running or climbing stairs, this figure increases to seven to eight times one’s weight.

Simple math makes it clear that being overnight immensely increases force on the weight, and over time this can take a toll on the joint.

Over time, the ligaments that support the knee can begin to stretch and tear, making the knee sore, unstable and weak. An unstable kneecap puts one at risk of further damage such as a meniscus tear or ligament strain. The added force can also wear down the protective cartilage of the knee joint, with the result being more pain, stiffness and ultimately osteoarthritis.

But there are steps one can take and tools one can use to slow the progression of damage and manage pain, including a knee brace for heavy legs.

Use of a knee brace by an obese person can stabilize the knee by supporting the ligaments and tendons of the joint. Big knee braces that provide compression can also reduce swelling.

These qualities ultimately reduce one’s knee pain and stiffness. And this, in turn, makes an active lifestyle a more pleasant endeavor, which in itself has been shown to lower knee pain associated with obesity.

All of this is not to say that one’s weight is the sole cause of knee pain. Muscle imbalances, an abnormal stance, gait or foot arch and previous injury can all increase one’s risk of knee pain. But as is the case with obesity, there are tools and steps one can take to reduce discomfort of the knees.

If muscle imbalances are a contributing factor, there are exercises one can do to address them. Atypical foot arches or an unusual gait may also be to blame for knee pain. In such cases, special shoes or shoe inserts may help.

Besides helping with weight loss, exercise has also been shown to lower knee pain, though it is important to engage in ones that strengthen rather than strain the knee joint.

Equally important is being sure to warm up before working out and to gradually increase the intensity of one’s regimen. For added support and stability, one might consider wearing one of these knee braces for obese patients during activity.

Details on Heavy Duty Knee Brace for Big Men and Women

 Knee braces for big men and women can be tough to find, which is ironic as they are some of the people most in need of such products. This particular bariatric knee support is one of several such products that BraceAbility offers to fill that void. Following are some of the key features that make this a great knee brace for large people.

  • Big knee brace for heavyset people supports and stabilizes the kneecap, easing pain
  • Knee brace for extra-large legs applies compression that reduces swelling and promotes healing
  • The knee brace for large or heavy legs can be secured at the front of one’s body via Velcro closures
  • Straps above and below the knee keep the knee brace for morbidly obese individuals elevated
  • Openings at the front and back of the kneecap improve the flexibility and breathability of the men’s knee brace, plus they prevent bunching
  • Polycentric hinges of the knee brace for fat people offer lateral and medial support
  • Hinges of the knee support for heavy legs are covered with condyle pads and can be removed
  • Knee brace for big guys comes in sizes ranging from medium to XXXL, and it is 16 inches long
  • Perforation of the knee brace for big people makes for a cooler, more comfortable fit

Sizing Chart

SizeKneecap Circumference
M 14.25" - 15"
L 15.25" - 17"
XL 17.25" - 18"
2XL 18.25" - 21"
3XL 21" - 23"
Measure the circumference around the middle of your kneecap, in inches.

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Big & Tall Knee Brace for Bigger Men & Women

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