Plus Size Bariatric Back Brace up to 6XL

This plus-size back brace features a breathable back panel that is soft against the skin with malleable stays and double-pull tension straps for compression. This enables the bariatric back brace to help with low-back pain that is common with Americans in general, especially those carrying some extra pounds. 

Detailed Description

Plus-size Back Belt for Comfortable Support

This back brace in plus size options can help those dealing with moderate pain in their low back - from obesity or weight-related pain, lumbar muscle weakness or lumbar sprains or strains. The plus-size back support belt does so via its soft, breathable back panel that comes with four malleable stays as well as double-pull tension straps. The latter helps add compression in the interest of stimulating blood flow, reducing inflammation and adding support.

The bariatric back support is made of premium-quality elastic, while the stays are constructed of malleable aluminum. This translates to a lightweight, comfortable fit.

The back brace for plus size individuals can be easily applied or adjusted thanks to contact closures.

An obvious benefit is that unlike some other back braces for lower back pain in plus sizes, this bariatric back belt is available in a number of sizes ranging up to 6XL, which fits hip circumferences up to 68 inches. For smaller sizes, check out our full line of back support belts.

The simple back brace for plus-size women and men comes in a neutral white color. This plus its low-profile fit means the plus-size light weight lumbar sacral support fits easily and discreetly beneath one’s clothes. You can find more plus-size back braces and supports here.

Plus-size Back Supports for Those Dealing with Weight-related Back Pain

According to a study presented at the North American Spine Society 2013 annual meeting, those who are extremely obese have a four-fold increase in their risk of suffering from back pain. But the good news is that those who engage in just 20 minutes of light exercise each day can diminish that risk by 32%.

Wearing a lumbar back brace (plus-size) can help make these periods of exercise a pain-free experience by adding support. The breathable quality of this plus-size women’s and plus size mens’ back brace means it is still comfortable to wear when one is engaging in light physical activity. For more intense activity levels, see our full line of sports braces.

Another benefit is the compression this back support brace in plus-sizes applies can help with any resulting inflammation in addition to helping one recover more quickly from physical activity.

And of course when one is simply going about his or her day-to-day life, the added support this back brace in plus sizes provides can help with one’s pain and energy level.

This extra-large low back brace can also ease pain and promote healing when it comes to a number of injuries that cause low-back pain.

Plus-size Back Brace Features

This brace for low back pain from obesity and other injuries is popular not only because it is available in sizes up to 6XL, but also because it is a simple and effective back brace for lumbar support. Following is a breakdown of its features.

  • Back panel of plus-size low back support is soft and breathable
  • Bariatric lumbar brace includes four malleable stays
  • Stays are made of lightweight aluminum
  • Double-pull tension straps for extra compression and low-back support
  • Bariatric back brace is made of premium-quality elastic
  • Contact closures for easy application and adjustment of this back brace for heavy people
  • Unisex—can be used as a plus-size  back brace for men or women (For gender specific braces, check out our men’s back brace and women’s back brace pages).
  • Low-profile fit
  • Lightweight lumbar support for large people
  • Color: White
  • Indications: low back pain (moderate), weak lumbar muscles, sprains/strains of the low back
  • Plus-size low-back brace comes in numerous sizes based on one’s hip circumference:
    • XL: 42”-48”
    • 2XL: 48”-54”
    • 3XL: 54”-60”
    • 4XL: 56”-60”
    • 5XL: 60”-64”
    • 6XL: 64”-68”

Sizing Chart

SizeBody Circumference
XL42" - 48"
2XL48" - 52"
3XL52" - 56"
4XL56" - 60"
5XL60" - 64"
6XL64" - 68"
Measurement point: Body Circumference.

Additional Information

L Code: L-0625

Customer Reviews




Great support!


I purchased this for myself, and I am very pleased!
Gives me the support I need to carry out daily tasks.
It is very durable, superior quality, very forgiving fit! The description states 68" but is definitely more generous than that by at least 5-10" if need be. I have never been able to find a plus size brace with this quality and at this price. Very easy to use -- I can put this on without help. Great product -- Thanks!




Fits Great!


This has really helped my husband's back; it fits exactly where it is supposed to and supports his back.




Excellent Brace


I bought this back brace for my husband who has two herniated discs that give him pain.This brace is light and flexible and has given him relief even while sitting. I would definitely recommend this back brace The only possible complaint I could have is that the shipping took awhile. As far as the product goes, this brace is excellent.

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Plus Size Bariatric Back Brace up to 6XL

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