Women's Back Brace for Female Lower Back Pain (Plus Sizes up to 4XL)

This back brace for women hugs and supports the lower back and abdomen, treating and easing lower back pain in women. The support for lower back pain in females can easily be applied and secured thanks to its wrap-around design and hook and loop closures. Its tapered front also makes this more comfortable to wear than some other back braces for women. Available in plus sizes up to 4XL, to fit women with bigger hips. See all of our Plus Size Back Braces
Detailed Description

Back Brace for Women with Low Back Pain

There are many causes of low back pain in women. The good news is this back support belt for women can help with many of them. And it is available in plus sizes, fitting up to 60" hips. This lower back brace for women supports one’s low back and makes one exercise good posture, in the interest of easing pain and preventing further damage. 

The crisscross back panel of this this back pain brace as well as its double-pull elastic tension straps support and apply compression to the lower back. These features make it an ideal back belt for dealing with moderate pain in the low-back, lower left and lower right abdominal pain, back muscle weakness, pulls or tears, and/or lumbar sprains or strains.

This back brace for women is composed of form-fitting elastic. This material will conform to the curves of the body while providing light compression that can help reduce female lower back pain while encouraging healing of the various causes of back pain. The compression reduces inflammation that can be one of the reasons for lower back pain in women. This also improves blood flow to the low back, which encourages quick healing.

Another benefit of this female back brace is that it provides abdominal pressure, which takes pressure off the lumbar back. Plus it makes this support multi-functional in instances where both lower abdominal pain and back pain in women are at play.

This material will stay put, as needed for treating low back pain in women. The back support for women that hugs the body is quite sleek in terms of design, helping it to fit discreetly beneath one’s clothes so that addressing lower back pain causes in women is not a wardrobe-disrupting affair. The low back wrap comes in a neutral white color.

The women’s back brace is wider in the back and tapered at the front for a more functional, comfortable fit. The back panel has four aluminum stays for addressing the causes for lower back pain in women. The aluminum stays are lightweight and contoured to fit the shape of your back - so they support the lower back while still being comfortable. You can bend them to adjust their shape as needed, and you can remove them if you don't need that much support.

The back posture brace for women comes with a support straps for additional support to the lumbar spine. In addition to addressing right or left side lower back pain in women, this also helps hold the brace for low back pain causes in women in place.

The brace for lower abdominal and back pain in women includes elastic side pulls that one can adjust for added support.

The brace for abdominal and lower back pain in women can be easily secured via its Velcro closure that secures at the front of one’s body. This also enables easy adjustment of fit.

The posture back brace for women comes in numerous sizes fitting hip circumferences ranging from 18 inches to 60 inches. The brace itself is 10 inches tall.

What Causes Lower Back Pain in Women and How to Treat It

There is no shortage of things that might be a cause of lower back pain in women. Lifting a heavy object, twisting or moving suddenly might strain the muscle or ligaments of the back, causing a female low back pain as well as stiffness and possibly muscle spasms. Such injuries are common causes of upper back pain in women as well.  The compression this low-back brace applies can soothe painful inflammation and encourage healing.

Another possible source of lower back pain in young women is pressure on the nerves, especially the sciatic nerve, which causes pain, tingling and numbness in the low back that branches to the hips, buttocks and legs. Typically, sciatica affects just one side of the body, so this is often a cause of either lower right side or lower left side back pain in women, but not both. It is usually pressured by a herniated disc or a bone spur. While a doctor can address the cause of such pressure on the nerve, the good posture this lumbar brace makes one adhere to as well as the support it provides can make this a helpful component of treatment.

Stress fractures in the vertebra of the back can cause slipping of these discs known as spondylolisthesis, which may pressure the spinal cord or nerve roots. This may also lead to radiating pain and numbness, resulting in right or left lower back pain in females. This is just one example of instances where degenerative changes in the back that might cause pain or pressure the nerve roots, causing left or right lower back pain in women. The lumbar spine, especially, is subject to a high degree of stress that over time can lead to cartilage erosion, stress fractures, etc. Wearing a brace for lower back support that also provides abdominal compression can reduce the amount of pressure on the lumbar spine and limit any harmful movements.

An abnormal curve to the spine due to a deformity present from birth, degenerative changes or poor posture like kyphosis, lordosis or scoliosis can also lead to both low and upper back pain. In some cases this can be fixed, possibly with the help of a back brace, and in other cases treatment focuses on slowing the progression of the problem. 

Cartilage erosion or too much motion at the sacroiliac (SI) joint (often due to pregnancy) can lead to SI joint dysfunction that can cause lower back and groin pain in women. Generally this discomfort is isolated to one side, so pain in the lower left or lower right back of a female would be more common than discomfort across one’s entire low back. BraceAbility offers a number of pregnancy back supports and maternity braces.

Being overweight or obese also increases the amount of stress on the spine and tissues of the back, accelerating degenerative changes of its tissues, increasing lordosis of the spine and increasing one’s risk of back injury. 

As one ages, the spine becomes more prone to injury. Therefore, it is important to engage in low-impact exercises to keep the back strong and limber and to be conscientious of maintaining good posture so as not to increase existing strain on the back.

And as you can see, wearing women’s back braces can help with a number of these sources of back pain as they ease stress on the low back and apply compression that stimulates healing and reduces inflammation. It also promotes good posture which is ideal to preventing further damage. 

Of course, one should seek professional help for a diagnosis and treatment recommendations, especially in instances of severe lower back pain in women.

Are you a Woman with Lower Abdominal Pain and Lower Left or Right Back Pain?

The combination of lower back and abdominal pain in women can be a sign of a more serious problem/situation such as:

  • Pelvic inflammatory disease
  • Endometriosis
  • Pancreatis
  • Abdominal aneurysm 
  • Constipation
  • Kidney stone
  • Pregnancy
  • Gallstones
  • Urinary tract infection

This is by no means an exhaustive list of what might be causing lower stomach and back pain in women, but as you can see, many of these will not be remedied by wearing a lumbar back support. Therefore, it is important to seek the help of a medical professional if one is experiencing lower abdomen and lower back pain.  

Key Features of this Brace for Women with Mild or Chronic Low Back Pain

Whether one is dealing with bilateral low-back pain, pain at the right side of the back or pain in lower left back, wearing a female back brace can make a world of difference. Following are some of the features that make this a comfortable and effective solution for female low-back pain.

  • Elastic material applies lightweight, flexible support to the low back
  • Criss cross design for added supported and comfort
  • Low-back brace for women conforms to the female body
  • Four aluminum stays in back for added support, which can be removed if you don't need them
  • Stays are moldable / bendable and lightweight
  • Double-pull elastic tension straps can be adjusted for added support and/or a more comfortable fit
  • Abdominal compression eases back pain and lessens strain on spine for treatment for lower back pain in women
  • Women’s lumbar brace is tapered in the front for a comfortable fit
  • Brace for back pain treatment fits easily beneath one’s clothes
  • 10 inches tall
  • Secured with Velcro closures at the front of the body
  • Female brace for lower back pain is free of latex
  • Neutral white color
  • Lumbar spine support treats acute or chronic back pain stemming from a variety of causes, from muscle strain to degenerative disc disease to poor posture; it can also help with radiating pain to the hips, groin, pelvis, legs, etc.

Women’s back support is available in many sizes based on the following hip circumferences: 

  • X-Small: 18" - 24"
  • Small: 24" - 30" 
  • Medium: 30" - 36"
  • Large: 36" - 42"
  • X-Large: 42" - 48"
  • 2X-Large: 48" - 52"
  • 3X-Large: 52" - 56"
  • 4X-Large: 56" - 60"

Sizing Chart

SizeHip Circumference
XS 18" - 24"
S 24" - 30"
M 30" - 36"
L 36" - 42"
XL 42" - 48"
2XL 48" - 52"
3XL 52" - 56"
4XL 56" - 60"
Measurement point: Hip Circumference.

Customer Reviews




Excellent brace!


I received my brace today, and my back (scoliosis/degenerative disc disease) made it through the day without all the usual pain. THANK YOU!! I can breath and am supported and comfortable. It is a perfect design for me. I wish I had found this product many years ago!




Feels Great!


I just got one of these today and I'm so glad I did. I have chronic lower back pain from arthritis, lumbar facet arthropathy, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, degenerative disc disease, herniated & leaking discs, and spondylosis! The moment I put this on, my pain level went down from extreme "please shoot me now" to "hey, I can handle this". It actually makes my back feel a little warm and relaxed. Like after a nice back rub, not the hot sweaty kind of warm. And it doesn't roll down, bunch up or slide like most supports do, because of the hard plastic strips in the back. I do wish however that the strips were metal, or something stronger for more support that would last longer over time because I'll be wearing it for a long long time. But other than that, I'm so thankful for this product and I highly recommend it to anyone suffering from any kind of back pain!

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Women's Back Brace for Female Lower Back Pain (Plus Sizes up to 4XL)

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