Bauerfeind LumboTrain® Lady Back Brace for Women

The Bauerfeind LumboTrain Lady Back Brace supports and massages the muscles of the low back, easing pain and relieving tension. This back brace for women is also extremely comfortable to wear thanks to its three-dimensional active knitted fabric that is both breathable and soft against the skin. Plus this material conforms to one’s body.
Detailed Description

Female Back Support for Stabilization of the Lower Back

Bauerfeind is a trusted and time-tested company known for its high-quality products. It should come as no surprise that it produces one of the best back braces for women: the LumboTrain for ladies.

This lower back support for women features a triangular friction pad that massages and stimulates the muscles of the low back as one moves. The effect is tension and lower back pain relief. This active support also stabilizes the muscles of the low-back.

This lower back stabilizer can help with the following conditions:

  • Sacroiliac joint dysfunction—SIJD syndrome (acute)
  • Low back pain (lumbago)
  • Degeneration/muscular weakness in the spine (mild)
  • Conservative treatment following prolapse
  • Discectomy
  • Decompression therapy
  • Degenerative joint disease (arthritis, OA, RA)
  • Back or muscle strain or sprain
  • Sciatica
  • Lumbosacral radiculitis
  • Lumbrisacral muscular instability
  • Chronic postural disorders
  • Bone formation disorders
  • Minor instability of the lumbosacral spine
  • Post-trauma care

This brace for back arthritis treatment, posture support and so much more is composed of three-dimensional knitted fabric. This active material supports the lumbar spine. Plus it is breathable and comfortable against the skin.

The women’s lumbotrain is available in a number of sizes and it will adapt to one’s body for an extremely comfortable fit. Also helping to that end is the soft edges of this back support for women. Plus it is designed to suit women, specifically. (For more information, read this article on the popular LumboTrain back support that is available in both a male and female versions.)

The posture support for women comes with hand straps as well as Velcro closures. This makes the low-back belt easy to apply and adjust—even for those with arthritis or tremors.

Comfortable, Effective Back Brace for Women

Back pain and low-back pain, especially, is something with which many Americans deal. This can compromise one’s mood, drain one of energy and make one less active, which can compound the problem. While taking pain killers can provide relief for a few hours, medications have side effects and they often just mask the problem. Learn more about lower back pain in women.

Wearing a lumbar back brace like this one with its massaging pad can ease pain, help with one’s mobility and even stimulate blood flow and healing. Like pain killers, wearing a low-back brace for women is not intended as a long-term solution to chronic discomfort. But it can help one get through various injuries and help for bouts of discomfort.

Addressing chronic low-back pain often involves core strengthening exercises, weight loss (if applicable), activity modification and surgery, depending upon the source and degree of one’s discomfort. This Bauerfeind back stabilizer can also help during the rehabilitation period that follows such surgical procedures. See more back braces for post-operative use.

Bauerfeind LumboTrain Lady Back Brace Features

The Bauerfiend LumboTrain female back brace has a number of features that enable it to treat a wide range of conditions. Plus it does so in a comfortable way. Following are some of its selling points:

  • Main indications: low-back pain (lumbago), sacroiliac joint dysfuntion, SIJD syndrome (acute), low-back degeneration/muscular weakness (mild)
  • Low-back belt can also help with back strain or sprain, sciatica, bone formation disorders, post-trauma care, minor instability of lumbosacral spine, postural disorders, bone formation disorders, decompression therapy and after some other surgeries.
  • Triangular friction pad massages the muscles of the low back
  • Knobbed pad stimulates the muscles of the low-back for lumbar support
  • Massaging action of this lumbar belt is stimulated by movement
  • Supports and stabilizes the low-back
  • Low back brace for females eases tension and reduces/eliminates pain
  • Fabric is of this lightweight lumbar brace is 3-D, knitted, breathable and soft
  • Soft edges will not cut into the skin
  • Women’s posture support conforms to one’s body
  • This low-back brace is specifically designed for the female body
  • Velcro fastenings and hand straps for easy application and adjustments, even for those with arthritis
  • Color: Combination of gray, white and blue
  • For an even better fit, this low-back belt is available in six different sizes. (Loosely measure the circumference just below the waist)
    • 1: 27.5”-31.5”
    • 2: 31.5”-35.5”
    • 3: 35.5”-39.25”
    • 4: 39.25”-43.25”
    • 5: 43.25”-47.25”
    • 6: 47.25”-51.25”


Sizing Chart

Waist Circumference 27 1/2"- 31 1/2" 31 1/2"- 35 1/2" 35 1/2"- 39 1/4" 39 1/4"- 43 1/4" 43 1/4"- 47 1/4" 47 1/4"- 51 1/4"
Measurement is based on waist circumference.

Customer Reviews




Love this back brace.


I just got my Lumbo Train Lady back brace and I really love how well it fits, how comfortable it is and how it gives me relief from my lower back pain. I've tried several inexpensive back braces and since I have a small waist and bigger hips the brace would slide up and not stay in place. I got tired of not having any luck with back braces so I got online and research back braces for women. I'm so glad I did because this one stays in place and does the job of giving me relief. When measuring make sure you measure your hips for the correct size. I first measured my waist and ordered one based on this and it was too small. No problems sending it back and exchanging it for a larger size. It is worth the extra cost for a good quality back brace.






I have DDD and have extreme sway back. I have been to 3 specilist doctors and they could not do anything for me except recommend exercise. I could not stand straight up and the pain down both of my legs and the pain in my hip took my breath away. I would come home and just cry because of the pain. Cannot tell how many back braces I have bought. I tried this Bauerfeind back support... what a difference it made!!! I can walk almost upright and the pain in my legs have gone. Even my back is so much better. I no longer have pain in my hips. I would give it 5 stars!!!! I will be buying another one soon and have recommended it to a friend. Don't waist your money on other products, this product does what it says and for me - it gave me my freedom and took away almost all of my pain. Thank you for this product.

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Bauerfeind LumboTrain® Lady Back Brace for Women

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