Baseball Compression Arm, Elbow & Bicep Sleeve

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The Baseball Compression Arm Sleeve is specifically designed to meet the needs of athletes like baseball players. The unique elbow sleeve does not bunch up or restrict joint motion, which means that throwing and swinging motions can be performed without restriction. 

Detailed Description

Arm Compression Sleeve For Baseball

This baseball and softball compression sleeve provides compression above and below the elbow, which enhances blood flow, aiding and speeding the recovery. The compression of this sports arm sleeve also provides lightweight support to the elbow and its related soft tissues. For even more support, check out BraceAbility’s wide selection of elbow braces.

The baseball arm sleeve can be worn as a preventative measure to avoid injury and pain, or for other injuries to the arm such as: arthritis, tendonitis, arm pump, edema, aching or cramping muscles, sprains/strains, circulatory problems, or any general arm pain you are experiencing.

The special therapeutic fabric this arm sleeve is constructed of makes it ideal for activities, such as baseball or softball. The material is lightweight and highly stretchable, so one’s athletic performance will not be constricted. It is also infused with circulation enhancing natural element carbon, which increases the blood flow to your skin and muscles. The arm sleeve is used to help increase circulation to the arm during and after working out. This material is also a quick-drying, moisture-wicking material, another added benefit for baseball players or athletes.

This arm compression sleeve is a versatile product that can be used in numerous sports, including (but not limited to): baseball, softball, basketball, football, running, soccer and golf. It will stay put throughout the game thanks to banded cuffs that work with target compression rates.

The baseball recovery arm sleeve is a universal size so one size fits most. And the low price tag of this arm sleeve means one can easily purchase two if one so desires.

The sleeve is also very easy to care for. Users can wash it warm or cold, and then tumble dry on low. The material that this brace is made of is latex-free and non-irritating to the skin, which makes it comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Baseball Arm Sleeves for Lightweight Support and Compression

Compression sleeves are a tube of fabric that encompasses the arm or leg with the intention of compressing the muscles of a limb. Compression sleeves improve circulation, which reduces inflammation and swelling. Another major benefit of such products is that they can help one recover more quickly after a strenuous workout or game.

The fabric is constructed of material that keeps the heat in, which is great for unpredictable weather conditions and outdoor sports. In baseball, this sleeve can be quite useful in keeping one’s pitching or throwing arm warm between innings. Compression sleeves provide a layer of protection against other players, or against scratches and bruises.

Features of Active Athletic Arm Sleeve

This arm sleeve has a number of qualities that optimize it for use during sports.  Following is a breakdown of them:

  • Will not disrupt motion of the elbow
  • Banded cuffs at the top and bottom of the elbow sleeve for baseball prevents slippage and bunching
  • Compression above and below the elbow helps stimulate blood flow
  • Sleeve can enhance performance and speed one’s recovery
  • Provides support to the elbow joint and arm
  • Indicated for: preventative measures to avoid injury and pain, arthritis, tendonitis, arm pump, edema, aching or cramping muscles, sprains/strains, circulatory problems, or any general arm pain
  • Constructed of therapeutic fabric that is infused with circulation enhancing natural element carbon which increases blood flow
  • Material is moisture-wicking and quick drying
  • Lightweight material stretches with the body for a comfortable fit
  • Holds the heat in to help keep pitching or throwing arm warm between innings
  • Sleeve for elbow has no seams
  • Available in a charcoal gray color
  • Can be used for either left or right arm
  • Inexpensive arm compression sleeve
  • Universal sizing, one size fits most

Sizing Chart

Universal - One size fits most biceps 10" - 16"

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Baseball Compression Arm, Elbow & Bicep Sleeve

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