Hernia Binder Wrap for Abdominal Hernia Repair

This unique hernia wrap applies compression to the abdomen as needed following abdominal hernia repair, cesarean section, liposuction, bladder surgery and more. The soft abdominal hernia support belt can ease pain, protect one’s incision site and speed healing. 

Detailed Description

Truss for Abdominal Hernia Repair

This abdominal hernia binder is a highly versatile product. The Velcro closure can be attached to any part of the brace. This means the abdominal binder for hernia care can be adjusted to just about any body size. It also makes it very easy to adjust the degree of compression and support this abdominal hernia truss applies.

It also eliminates some of the stress of picking the right size; if you’re in between the sizes for our abdominal wraps for hernia treatment, order the larger version and you can simply fasten it a bit tighter. Plus the material of this abdominal hernia brace is quite stretchable.

Adding to its sizing versatility, this abdominal brace for hernia treatment and other such needs comes in two different heights—9 inches and 12 inches—as well as five different sizes as needed for the circumference of the body area you need to bind. These abdominal hernia braces fit circumferences ranging from 30 inches to 94 inches. An added bonus—this abdominal binder hernia support comes in plus sizes.

The abdominal hernia brace has a soft lining. Therefore, this plush elastic material will not irritate the skin.

The compression and support the wrap applies makes it a good treatment for abdominal hernia repair, liposuction, abdominoplasty, cesarean section, laparoscopy, bladder surgery, bariatric surgical procedures and more. See more plus-size braces.

One can secure this wrap for abdominal hernia pain relief wherever is most comfortable or convenient for the user—at the front, the back or the sides.

The low-profile, lightweight fit of these abdominal hernia belts for men and women also means it fits easily and comfortably beneath one’s clothes. It comes in a neutral white color.

What Is an Abdominal Hernia and How Do You Treat It?

An abdominal hernia refers to a protrusion of the intestine through an opening or weak area of the abdominal wall. While this does cause a noticeable bulging, it does not typically cause much pain. Nevertheless, treatment of a hernia typically involves surgery due to the risk of the intestine becoming stuck in the hernia, which can block the intestine or cut off blood supply to the organ, which has a number of serious consequences.

A hernia might occur in a number of places in the body  with the hernia’s classification depending upon where—one that develops around one’s belly button is known as an umbilical hernia, while an inguinal hernia might appear in the groin or scrotum area, for instance.

Thanks to the versatility of this abdominal hernia brace, it can help whether one is in need of an abdominal binder for umbilical hernia or a femoral hernia in the leg.

Abdominal binders for hernia care might be worn before surgery to prevent the hernia from occurring. Often one will need to wear a binder after abdominal hernia surgery to help the incision heal and protect the incision site.

For some, surgery is not an option. In such cases, wearing abdominal hernia binders that pressure the weak area of the abdominal wall can help prevent a hernia from occurring.

And of course, the even compression this abdominal wrap for hernia care provides can help following a number of other surgical procedures for much the same reasons.

Main Features of Abdominal Hernia Support Belt

This abdominal hernia wrap is a comfortable, versatile solution for a wide variety of post-surgical or muscle support needs.

  • This abdominal support for hernia care applies even compression to the abdomen or wherever you apply it
  • Hook and loop material can be secured anywhere on the brace for as tight or loose of a fit as desired
  • The Velcro-compatible material makes it very easy to adjust and apply
  • The hernia wrap can be applied wherever it is needed on the body
  • Abdominal hernia girdle supports muscles and limits pain
  • Hernia binder has a soft lining
  • Abdominal girdle is composed of plush elastic material
  • Flexible material makes it a comfortable abdominal splint
  • Lightweight, low-profile splint for the abdomen or groin fits beneath one’s clothes
  • Indications: After hernia repair, abdominoplasty, cesarean section, laparotomy, bladder surgery, liposuction, bariatric surgical treatment
  • Color: White
  • Wrap for abdominal support comes in two different heights: 9 inches and 12 inches
  • Hernia wrap comes in sizes up to 2XL based on the following circumferences of whatever body part one would like to support (If you are between sizes, order the larger size):
    • Small: 30”-46”
    • Medium: 46”-62”
    • Large: 60”-75”
    • X-Large: 72”-84”
    • 2X-Large: 82”-94”

Sizing Chart

SizeHip Circumference
S30" - 46"
M46" - 62"
L60" - 75"
XL72" - 84"
2XL82" - 94"
Measurement taken from hip circumference

Customer Reviews

Hernia girl



This is a great product and much more comfortable than the binder given to me at the hospital.


This binder is soft and flexible, yet does a great job of providing abdominal support. It is a great value for the money. I have size 57" hips & ordered a size lg (60"-75") hips. It fits perfectly in that it is secure without being overly tight. No poking, priding or pinching like the binder given me in the hospital. The only problem is it folds up slightly In the back but that is the size of my hips not the binder. If it had stays in it perhaps it would not but then it would poke & pinch. Folding not wadding up in back is minor. Overall a great product.

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Hernia Binder Wrap for Abdominal Hernia Repair

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