Office Chair Pillow for Back Pain & Travel Back Support for Car

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This unique low back chair pillow that can easily attach to any chair or seat. Great for the office, long car rides, and more. Addresses back pain and supports the back to maintain proper posture. Inflation can be customized and adjusted to users' needs.
Detailed Description

Chair Pillow for Back Pain

Using a back support for car rides, long periods sitting at the office or while otherwise traveling promotes an ergonomically correct position while one is seated, effectively reducing strain and pain on the low back. This airplane back support can also help prevent back pain from recurring.

The low-back chair pillow can easily attach to any chair or seat and it can be easily moved from place to place. See more products for low-back pain relief.

The inflation of the seat pillow for back support can easily be adjusted to one’s preferred size and level of support. On the other hand, it can also easily be deflated for convenience transporting this back pain chair pillow from place to place. And if a user would prefer to leave the chair pillow in one location, the low price tag means he or she can likely afford to buy one for the home, car and the office.  

The pillow itself is constructed of medical grade nylon-coated vinyl. Customers can choose between the colors gray and blue. The back pillow for travel also features an open valve system.

Work and Travel Back Support

Back pain is extremely common among Americans, with many experts saying a sedentary lifestyle is a major contributor to the problem. A desk job, flying for business or pleasure or long commutes to and from work—all of these things require long periods in a seated position. Learn more about back pain and injuries.

Sitting can heighten the amount of stress on the low back, an area already tasked with supporting the weight of one’s upper body.  And if one is prone to slouching or otherwise exercising poor posture while seated, the amount of load bearing required of this region of the spine will be amplified.

Therefore, making a conscious effort to maintain good posture while seated is important when it comes to preventing discomfort of the low back. This might include the use of tools such as this low-back support. (See more low-back braces.) Not to mention, a number of seats offer poor (if any) lumbar support.

Considering the prevalence of back pain and its relationship to poor posture, BraceAbility offer a number of back supports for posture

Office Chair Pillow

This back pillow for work and other activities where one must remain seated can make a world of difference with one’s overall comfort. Some of its features that make it a popular product include the following:

  • Straps mean it easily attaches to any seat or chair
  • Converts any chair, seat, etc. into an ergonomic one
  • Supports the back
  • Relieves pain
  • Easy to deflate so that it can be moved from place to place
  • Inflation can be customized and adjusted to a users’ needs
  • Open valve system
  • Constructed of medical grade nylon-coated vinyl
  • Available in gray or blue color
  • Size: 18”x15”
  • Affordable price

Sizing Chart

Pillow measures 18” x 15” once inflated

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Office Chair Pillow for Back Pain & Travel Back Support for Car

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