Bort StabiloFix Men's Back & Shoulder Brace for Posture Correction

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This men’s posture support molds itself to the contours of the male body, especially the sensitive underarm area. This posture corrector for men also works well for supporting injuries to the clavicle. See more men’s posture braces

Detailed Description

Best Men’s Posture Brace

This men’s back brace for posture is composed of soft, non-elastic material that is comfortable against the skin. Further, the male posture brace molds itself to one’s body, including the underarm area.

The shoulder posture brace for men is low profile so that it easy fits beneath clothes. And the white color in which it is available is discreet beneath one’s clothes. Such user-friendly features are important with men’s posture correction as an extended period of use may be necessary.

In terms of function, this male posture correction brace loops around the shoulders and the torso, pulling the shoulders down and back into proper alignment. This is also useful when it comes to healing a clavicle injury. See more clavicle braces.

The men’s clavicle brace comes in a universal size with easily adjusted straps. Any excess fabric can be tucked away or trimmed.

For more options, check out BraceAbility’s full line of posture supports for men and women. Or one can take a look at back braces for women, specifically. 

Men’s Posture Support & Upper Back Brace

The best way to correct poor posture in men is a multi-faceted approach involving exercises and stretches to improve the flexibility and strength of one’s core and behavior modifications to improve posture at all times of one’s life—whether working, lifting something or even sleeping. Wearing a posture support for ensures one maintains this improved state by holding the shoulders back to prevent slouching. Plus wearing the brace will keep one cognizant of his posture.

Poor posture can cause a number of unattractive side effects besides being aesthetic unpleasing. Some examples include:

  • Headaches
  • Back, neck or shoulder pain
  • Gastronomical problems
  • Fatigue if one’s breathing is compromised

Posture Corrector for Men

This men’s brace for posture correction has a number of features that make it a popular product for preventing one from slouching. They include the following.

  • Figure-eight design comfortably holds the shoulders in proper alignment
  • Also works as a clavicle injury brace
  • Molds itself to the contours of the male body
  • Fits well in the critical underarm area
  • Composed of soft, non-elastic material
  • One size fits most
  • Straps can easily be adjusted
  • If straps are too long, they can be trimmed or tucked away
  • Discreet white color
  • Soft pad where the straps merge at the center of the back

Sizing Chart

SizeCircumference of the Chest
Universal Sizing - One size fits mostFrom 27" to 50" circumference
Measurement point: Chest.

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Bort StabiloFix Men's Back & Shoulder Brace for Posture Correction

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