Heat & Ice Therapy Lower Back Muscle Pain Wrap

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When one is dealing with a back injury, ice or heat therapy can do a world of good. This back brace with therapy gels makes it easier to apply cold or heat therapy and compression to the low-back, as needed for a variety of back woes, including pulled-back muscle treatment. This product comes with two reusable gel packs for back pain which can be frozen into ice packs, or heated in the microwave. Additional gel packs can be purchased here.

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Detailed Description

Hot & Cold Therapy Back Brace for Pulled Back Muscle Treatment

A tried and true way of achieving back muscle pain relief is heat or cold therapy—depending upon what the source of one’s discomfort is. While heat or cold for back pain is a surprisingly simple and inexpensive mode of treatment for things such as a pulled muscle in the lower back, the actual application can be challenging as it would require one to lie on one’s stomach at intervals throughout the day with an ice pack resting on the back.

This wrap holds the two large gel ice packs in place so that icing the back does not interfere with one’s day. One of the ice pack pockets is located on the upper half of the brace and the other pocket is below it on the bottom half of the brace. Besides providing hot and/or cold therapy for lower back pain, this therapeutic back support brace also applies inflammation-reducing compression.

The ice pack for back pain can help with numerous back injuries including chronic lower back pain, spine arthritis, muscle spasms in the low back, lumbar pain, back muscle pain, back muscle strains, back ligament sprains, back stiffness, low back rehabilitation after surgery, muscle soreness, muscle tears, and pulled back muscles.

The compression back wrap is composed of soft, breathable foam laminate that is lightweight and soft against the skin. The brace for treating lower back pain with heat or ice wraps around the body and secures at the front via simple contact closures. The wrap includes pockets to accommodate the cold packs for back pain.

Rather than one large ice pack for back pain, this brace for pulled muscle in the back treatment comes with two 5 1/2" x 11" ice packs. The gel ice pack for back pain is reusable and it can be either heated or cooled depending upon whether one needs heat or cold for lower back pain.

You can also get an extra ice/hot pack for back pain if you do not want to wait between applications for a gel pack to cool down, for instance. We sell extra ice/hot gel packs so you can always keep two in the freezer while using the other pair. 

The back ice wrap comes in a universal size that fits waist circumferences up to 48 inches. This eliminates some of the hassle involved in choosing a size and it helps reduce inventory, which translates to savings to you.

Should One Use Heat or Cold for Back Pain and Muscle Spasms?

Heat and ice therapy for back pain is a common and effective method of treatment for numerous injuries, with the benefit being that they are non-invasive, non-addictive and inexpensive. But it is important to distinguish whether you should use heat for lower back pain or ice as they work in different ways.

Heat can make inflammation worse, while ice can worsen muscle spasms or tension. Therefore, how to treat back muscle spasms differs from torn back muscle treatment.

Heat wraps for back pain open up one’s blood vessels, which increases blood flow and the stream of oxygen and nutrients to the joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, etc. For that reason, heat therapy for back pain also relaxes sore muscles and improves flexibility and range of motion. Those seeking back muscle spasm relief, looking to soothe sore muscles or treat arthritis might benefit from a back heat wrap.

Ice for lower back pain works in a different way. Using an ice pack for lower back pain slows the flow of blood to an injury site. The reduced circulation reduces lower back muscle inflammation and discomfort. Therefore, one might use a back support with an ice pack after injuries that cause bruising or swelling. Those with sprains, strains or pulled muscles often benefit from cold therapy.

Generally speaking, when it comes to whether one should use cold or heat for back pain, heat is for muscles, chronic pain and stress, while ice is for injuries as it calms damaged tissues.

But it is always a good idea to consult a medical professional regarding whether the pack one applies should be cold or hot for back pain relief.

Key Features of Hot/Cold Back Wrap for Pulled Muscle Lower Back

Whether you are seeking treatment for back muscle spasms, a pulled muscle or simply a sore back, this therapeutic back brace is an inexpensive and effective way to achieve relief. Following is a breakdown of the features of this lower back ice wrap:

  • Low back wrap comes with two reusable 5 1/2" x 11" gel packs that can be heated or frozen 
  • Extra gel packs are also available for purchase
  • Ice or heat therapy eases low back pain
  • Ice calms inflammation and reduces swelling
  • Wearing a thermal back wrap increases blood flow to the painful region, which helps treat muscle spasms in the lower back, improves flexibility and eases pain
  • Compression applied by the brace also helps relieve lower back muscle pain
  • Indications: post-op use, arthritis, sprains, strains, as part of a rehab program, for lower back muscle spasms relief or for general back muscle pain treatment
  • Brace for lower back pain ice therapy is constructed of soft, breathable foam laminate
  • The heated back wrap can be easily secured and adjusted using contact closures
  • Two pockets that hold ice packs to the back make it easy to apply heat/cold therapy for back pain
  • Pockets also serve as a protective barrier when it comes to cold and heat therapy for back pain, preventing the skin from being frozen or burned
  • Breathable foam laminate of the heat wrap for back pain is soft against the skin and lightweight
  • Sizing of this back brace with heat packs is highly adjustable
  • Universal lumbar ice pack wrap fits waist circumferences up to 48 inches
  • Can be hand washed using warm water and mild soap; wrap should be air dried

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Heat & Ice Therapy Lower Back Muscle Pain Wrap

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