Ankle Pain Ice & Heat Therapy Wrap with 4 Gels

This ankle ice pack wrap for inner ankle pain is economically designed to implement compression and concentrate cold and hot therapy to sprained and injured ankles. The ankle ice wrap holds two gel packs that can either be microwaved or frozen. Includes four gel packs for alternating between hot and cold therapy.

Detailed Description

Hot Cold Therapy for Foot and Ankle Pain

Ice packs and heating pads are recognizable means of treating sore, injured, and swelling ligaments. Although, recent studies have found that contrast therapy is the most effective approach to employ these rehabilitation tools. Contrast therapy essentially consists of alternating between hot and cold therapy rapidly.

Contrast therapy is an excellent recovery method for foot and ankle pain. By quickly alternating between hot and cold therapy, the damaged tissues are forced to adapt to sudden changes, which naturally stimulates strong sensations without movement. This will allow the tissues to heal promptly and properly.

Ankle pain is often a result of an ankle sprain, but may also be caused by ankle strain, instability, arthritis, tendonitis, fractures, and more. Most ankle sprains develop due to rapid, unnatural movements of the foot. Oftentimes, the ankle rolls outward, and the foot turns inward, leading to a stretch or tear of the ankle ligaments.

Ankle strains, on the other hand, affect the muscles and tendons of the ankle. A strain involves overstretching or tearing of these areas. Strains have comparable symptoms to a sprain, these including swelling, pain, and limited range of motion. Treatment for ankle strains are also similar to ankle sprains, involving R.I.C.E guidelines and contrast therapy.

When the ankle is forced to move out of its natural position, the ankle ligaments and tendons will be damaged in some shape or form, causing a great deal of pain and swelling following the activity.

Ankle Ice Wrap with Cold Hot Packs for Ankle Pain

This ankle ice pack wrap for inner ankle pain is economically designed to implement compression and concentrate cold and hot therapy to the damaged ankle.

One can employ contrast therapy through the use of this ankle wrap with the hot/cold packs it includes and accommodates for. The ankle ice wrap holds two gel packs that can either be microwaved or frozen

Four gel packs are included for your convenience of having two extra on hand while alternating between hot and cold therapy.

By combining the components of compression and hot/cold therapy, this ankle joint pain brace encourages healing, reduces swelling, and lessens the pain in the ankle and foot.

The wrap for rolled ankle treatment is composed of soft, breathable foam laminate with contact closure and pockets to hold two reusable gel packs. The hot therapy ankle brace is non-irritating to the skin, and offers easy application and adjustability for the wearer.

According to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, it is vital to stay off or reduce the amount of weight put on the injured ankle for the first 24 to 48 hours after the injury occurs. Using pillows or other props to elevate the ankle is also an effective way to reduce swelling.

Cold and heat therapy provide varying benefits to injured ligaments. Cold therapy slows down blood flow to reduce pain and swelling, while heat therapy increases blood flow and supplies oxygen to reduce pain in joints and relax the sore ligament or muscle.

Alternating between the two creates a pumping mechanism by increasing and decreasing blood flow repeatedly, which contributes to a quicker, more efficient healing process.

Here is a general schedule for alternating between hot and cold therapy for ankle sprains:

  • 10 minutes of ice followed by 10 minutes of heat
  • 8 minute ice, 8 minute heat
  • 6 minute ice, 6 minute heat
  • 4 minute ice, 4 minute heat
  • 2 minute ice, 2 minute heat
  • End with 1-2 minutes of ice

Sizing Chart

Universal - One Size Fits All Fits up to 14” ankle circumference

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Two Feet



Fantastic product


This is a well made and effective product. I just used it for the first time, so I can't vouch for its durability, but it is well stitched and made from excellent material that has no latex and is comfortable. I am using it for resting my sprained ankle while icing, but appreciate that one can get up to fetch coffee or answer the phone without having to deconstruct oneself. The icing packets lose their chill after about the amount of time that it is recommended one ice -- 20-30 minutes, so you could fall asleep with this on and not be the worse for wear. Thanks for carrying this and making it so affordable!

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Ankle Pain Ice & Heat Therapy Wrap with 4 Gels

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