Neoprene Athletic Ankle Compression Wrap for Sports

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This figure 8 neoprene ankle wrap warms and compresses one’s ankle, easing pain stemming from a sprain or strain to the foot or ankle. The sports ankle brace also supports one’s foot and ankle, protecting them against further injury. 

Detailed Description

Neoprene Ankle Wrap Details

This neoprene ankle support offers a simple solution to various sources of foot and ankle pain. The ankle sprain wrap compresses one’s foot and ankle, reducing painful inflammation and encouraging healing. It even does so over the bony protrusion of the ankle known as the malleolus thanks to its Velcro-stretch material that encircles one’s foot and ankle in a figure-eight configuration.

The foot and ankle brace also warms one’s foot, which is helpful for easing pain and stiffness. The neoprene ankle brace is quite soft against the skin, with no irritating borders or edges. This material is also free of latex.

The ankle brace/wrap supports an injured ankle or foot. And one can easily adjust the amount of support and compression the wrap-around ankle brace applies.

The ankle compression wrap leaves the heel of the foot as well as its sole and toes free, covering no more of the foot than is necessary. This minimizes the risk of any uncomfortable bunching or simply the annoyance of wearing a brace for a foot sprain.

The relatively open design of the ankle compressor also improves its breathability and flexibility.

The compression wrap for the ankle can help with ankle sprains, ankle sprains, peroneal tendonitis or simply for protection during sports activity. Appropriately, the wrap for ankle sprains slides easily into one’s shoe. 

You can get this ankle support wrap in two sizes—either a small/medium or a large/extra-large neoprene ankle brace—both of which fit a wide variety of sizes.

Another benefit is that it is much simpler to apply this wrap than to learn how to wrap a sprained ankle.

Compression Ankle Support for Sprains, Strains and Protection

A sprained ankle is an extremely common injury. In fact, the American Orthopaedic Ankle Society estimates around 25,000 people sprain an ankle each day. Sprains vary widely in terms of severity. In some cases, one can simply “walk it off,” while in others one may not be able to walk at all.

A sprain refers to when one or more of the ligaments on the outer part of one’s ankle are stretched or torn because the ankle is rolled or twisted either inward or outward.

A strain is a similar injury that can be caused by the same motions. The distinction is that a strain refers to injury to the muscle and/or tendons of one’s ankle.

Both soft tissue injuries cause pain and swelling, which in some cases may be severe enough that one cannot put weight on the foot. One’s motion may also be restricted.

In most cases, one’s sprain or strain can be treated at home via conservative methods. This typically includes taking over-the-counter pain relievers, resting, icing, compressing and elevating the ankle, and using assistive devices such as ankle support wraps or crutches. A doctor can recommend whether an ankle brace or wrap is more appropriate.

This particular wrap for ankle sprain care applies compression that helps reduce inflammation, in addition to stabilizing the vulnerable ankle.

As one returns to sports or physical activity, one may need to wear a wrap-around ankle support to protect the ankle against reinjury. This orthopedic slip-on ankle brace is ideal for such use thanks to its low-profile design that fits easily within one’s shoe.

The neoprene ankle protectant is also quick and easy to apply and one does not have to worry about it coming loose, as might be the case with figure-eight compression bandage for the ankle.   

In rare cases, surgery may be needed to repair an unstable ankle joint. Afterward, one will likely spend time in a cast and/or walking boot that immobilizes the ankle so it can heal. This neoprene wrap for ankle support can make one’s eventual return to physical activity less nerve wracking and safer.

Key Details About One of the Best Sports Ankle Braces

This ankle and foot brace for strain and sprains is offers the support, compression and protection one needs after sustaining such injuries. Following is a list of its features that enable it to do so.

  • Neoprene arch supports enclose the ankle in a figure-eight design
  • Orthopedic foot/ankle braces support the ankle and protect it against further injury
  • Orthopedic foot wraps compress the foot/ankle, even over the malleolus
  • Vel-stretch material makes it very easy to adjust the amount of compression and support
  • Composed of premium-grade neoprene that does not contain latex
  • Ankle wrap made of neoprene is soft against the skin
  • Neoprene ankle strap also holds in warmth, soothing joint soreness
  • Leaves the forefoot and heel free, for a more flexible fit
  • Ankle wrap for sprains, strains and protection against athletic injuries
  • Some also use it as a peroneal tendonitis foot wrap
  • The ankle neoprene wrap is quick and easy to apply
  • Ankle and arch supports are low profile and fit easily and comfortably within one’s shoes
  • Men or women’s ankle wrap-around brace
  • Can get this ankle brace in extra large/large and a medium/small size
  • Ankle brace for foot support comes in a simple black color

Sizing Chart

SizeAnkle Circumference
S/M10" - 13"
L/XL13" - 16"
Measurement taken from base of heel around ankle

Additional Information

L Code: L-1902

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Neoprene Athletic Ankle Compression Wrap for Sports

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