BraceAbility Neoprene Water-Resistant Ankle Brace Wrap

Those seeking a waterproof ankle brace should consider this ankle wrap that is composed of neoprene—a material that handles water so well that it is used in scuba diving suits. This material will warm one’s ankle and apply compression and support as might be needed for a variety of water- and non-water based sports or activities.
Detailed Description

Waterproof Ankle Brace for Injury and Water Sports

This ankle brace for swimming, surfing, waterskiing and more features a vel-stretch figure eight strap that protects and compresses the ankle. Vel-stretch is a stretchy, elastic loop that adheres via a Velcro hook and loop closure. The premium-grade neoprene material of which the rest of the surfing ankle brace is constructed is water-resistant, making it well suited for those seeking a waterproof ankle support.

Unlike many ankle braces for sports use, this neoprene ankle wrap is not breathable. For that reason, it holds in warmth and repels water, making it an ideal swimming ankle brace. This material is quite lightweight and flexible, as need for treating ankle pain when swimming. This material is also quite durable, making it a good ankle brace for surfing, water polo, etc.

But all this talk about water-resistant and waterproof ankle braces for swimming skirts the fact that this ankle support for swimming and water sports also works well on dry land. The relatively open design of this ankle wrap that leaves the heel and forefoot open means it will not overheat the foot. This also makes the swimming ankle support uniquely suited for activities where support both in and out of the water is needed, such as competing in a triathlon.

So whether one is engaging in an activity that takes place primarily in the water (think water polo, swimming, scuba diving) or those where one spends time in and out of the water (surfing, wakeboarding, body boarding, wind boarding, skiing, diving) or simply when a water-compatible ankle support would be convenient (sailing, rowing, etc.), this swimming ankle support is a great option.

The degree of compression the brace for a swimming ankle injury applies can easily be adjusted via its medial and lateral compression straps on either side of the foot and the distal and proximal straps that encircle the ankle.

The support, warmth and compression it applies makes it ideal for treating ankle sprains or strains, along with any ankle instability or ankle swelling that often goes with such ankle injuries. Some also opt to wear a waterproof foot brace like this to prevent an ankle injury from occurring in the first place.

Waterproof Ankle Support for Sprains and Other injuries

One may not think of an ankle injury such as a sprain while splashing around a pool or during a day boating with friends, but the fact that such activities take place in the water does not eliminate the risk of an ankle injury. During a bad wipeout while skiing one may easily get the skis tangled, forcing the ankle out of its normal position and spraining or straining its ligaments, for example. Or an avid surfer might sprain his or her ankle on land, sending him or her in search of the best ankle brace for surfing.

Regardless of how or where one sprains an ankle, treatment will likely involve protecting it and following the steps of RICE (rest, ice, compress and elevate). Such efforts prevent further damage from occurring and help alleviate inflammation that causes pain and weakness of the ankle.

This water-repellent ankle brace helps with several of these steps. It supports the ankle and protects it against further injury when it is in a vulnerable state thanks to its figure-eight vel-stretch strap. The compression the strap applies reduces painful inflammation. The neoprene material itself also warms the ankle, soothing soreness. The support for watersports also holds the ankle in a proper position for healing.

Functionally speaking, this ankle brace for water sports leaves the heel and forefoot free and stretches a minimal distance up the ankle. The low-profile design enables the ankle brace for triathlons to fit easily within a shoe or the boots of a wakeboard, for instance.

Key Features of Waterproof Ankle Brace for Swimming

This water-resistant ankle brace for water skiing, wakeboarding, water polo has a number of features that make it well-suited for various ankle injuries and use on land or in the water. Following is breakdown of these:

  • Water-compatible ankle brace is constructed of premium-grade neoprene
  • Neoprene ankle brace is water repellent
  • Ankle brace for water can be used both in the water and on land
  • The water-friendly ankle brace warms and compresses the foot and ankle
  • Wrap-around design is easy to apply and adjust
  • Vel-stretch figure-8 straps support and compress the malleolus region of the ankle
  • The figure-eight strap is flexible and highly adjustable
  • Low-profile, lightweight design
  • Aquatic ankle brace will fit easily within shoes, boots, etc. 
  • Waterproof ankle wrap is durable but soft against the skin
  • The water-compatible ankle wrap leaves the heel and forefoot free
  • Black ankle brace
  • Latex-free
  • Indications: Ankle sprains, ankle strains, athletic protection
  • Water-resistant ankle wrap comes in two sizes based on the circumference of the base of the heel around the ankle:
    • Small/Medium: 10”-13”
    • Large/X-Large: 13”-16”

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Swimmer Mom



Great for my swimmer!


My son is a competitive high school swimmer. He sprained his ankle and is trying to practice without putting undo strain on the sore ligaments. We purchased this brace to give him added support while pulling (not kicking, yet). He said it made all the difference at practice and didn't get water-logged to drag him too much. We are very happy with the purchase and haven't seen any other brace like it on the market. Love it!

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BraceAbility Neoprene Water-Resistant Ankle Brace Wrap

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