Short Broken Toe Boot for Fracture Recovery

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This boot for broken toe injuries, stress fractures and more features a lightweight but strong construction. Its arching rocker design and wide footbed make this a smart choice when it comes to picking a walking boot for broken toe treatment and other injuries. 

Detailed Description

Comfortable Walking Boot for Broken Toe and More

If you have been scouring the Internet or the shelves of a store wondering where can I buy a boot for a broken toe that won’t break the bank? look no further. This broken toe boot offers the support and protection one needs after a break to the toe or some other bone of the foot, along with additional features that make wearing the broken toe walking boot a surprisingly comfortable experience.

The orthopedic boot for broken toe injuries is 11 inches tall and its uprights are reinforced with metal, making this a strong support.  The medical boot for broken toe injuries can also help with stress fractures to the foot or ankle, sprains of the ankle or big toe (turf toe), diabetic ulcers or after a bunion surgery.

The post-op boot for a broken toe is surprisingly lightweight and its fit is relatively low-profile when compared to other boots for broken toes. This improves one’s mobility when wearing this waking boot toe fracture brace.

The same can be said for the arching rocker design of this shoe boot for broken toe injuries. The curved bottom of the fractured toe boot promotes a smooth gait that is more energy efficient.  This means that unlike some broken toe boots, this one will not cause a hitch in one’s step that can lead to other problems, such as hip or back pain.

The boot for fractured toe and other injuries is lined with a deluxe foam material that is soft and squishy against the skin.

This foot boot for broken toes leaves the toe area open. This is convenient for accessing one’s bandaging and not restricting the tender area. In addition, this also improves the breathability of the toe fracture boot.

Similarly, the wide footbed of the boot for a broken big toe and more is also a wise design element, because after sustaining a foot or toe injury one will likely experience swelling and/or the injury site may be bandaged. This broken toe boot/shoe allows extra room for this. And once that has gone down, the patient can adjust the liner and straps of the boot for turf toe to tighten the fit, if needed.

The book for toe fracture care also has an extra strap at the ankle for additional padding.

The three straps of the broken big toe walking boot can easily adjusted thanks to their hook-and-loop closures. These straps also permit a high degree of customization of this surgical boot for a broken toe.

Also helping to ensure one gets the best walking boot for broken toe for your foot is the many sizes in which it comes. These boots for a broken toe can fit shoe sizes ranging from a 4 ½ male’s/3 ½ women’s and up.

Orthopedic Boot for Broken Toe Care

Trauma in the form of stubbing one’s toe or dropping something heavy on them can break these bones. Repetitive movements like those involved in some sports can also lead to a stress fracture in the toes.

Typical symptoms include pain, trouble walking (especially if the big toe if fractured), stiffness, swelling, bruising and visible deformity.

Treatment for a broken toe will depend upon the severity of the break. A doctor may need to put the toe back in its proper position, in which case splinting will likely be needed to hold the bone in place as it heals. If one’s fracture involves the big toe or a joint or if several bones are broken, surgery is more likely.  After surgery, one will likely need an immobilizing boot for turf toe like this one or a pneumatic broken toe boot for fracture recovery.

For a simple toe fracture, a cast is not usually required. In such cases, a hard soled, sturdy shoe or walking boot for toe fracture care is usually sufficient. Boots for broken toe injuries should allow for swelling, as does this open-toe, wide-footbed broken toe treatment boot.

Other treatment methods outside of wearing walking boots for broken toes include elevating and icing the foot to reduce swelling and staying off of the foot for a period of time. Buddy taping, casting or splinting of the toes may be needed in some cases. Over-the-counter pain killers can help with any discomfort.

Key Features of Medical Boot for Broken Toe Injuries

Deciding where to buy a boot for broken toe injuries can be a challenging task. With the following list we try to simplify that process by detailing its main features that show why this is the best boot for a broken toe at an affordable price.

  • Broken big toe boot has metal reinforced uprights for protection and support
  • Fracture boot for broken toe injuries is 11 inches tall
  • Walking boot for broken big toe is lightweight and low-profile
  • Arching-rocker design makes it a good walking boot for toe injury
  • Arched bottom encourages a smooth, energy conserving gait
  • Wide foot bed of this boot/cast for broken toe allows for swelling and bandaging
  • Deluxe foam liner of this protective boot for a broken toe is soft and comfortable
  • Open-toe design makes this walking boot for broken toes more breathable
  • Open toe foot boots for broken toe injuries are less likely to rub against one’s toes
  • Medical walking boot for broken toe care comes with two straps over the foot and one at the ankle for a customized fit
  • Velcro closures make it easy to apply and adjust these boots for fractured toes
  • An extra strap at the ankle provides additional padding
  • Black broke toe boot
  • Medical boots for broken toe can also help with stress fractures of the foot or ankle, toe sprains, some ankle sprains, diabetic ulcers or after a bunion surgery.

Sizing Chart

Kid's US Shoe Size 1.5 - 4 4.5 - 6.5 - - -
Men's US Shoe Size - 4.5 - 7 7.5 - 10 10 - 12.5 13+
Women's US Shoe Size 4 - 5.5 6 - 8 8.5 - 10.5 11 - 12 12.5+
Measured by U.S. Shoe Sizes. Padded inserts are included which allow you to fill in extra room inside the boot.

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Short Broken Toe Boot for Fracture Recovery

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