Postpartum Belly Band Abdominal Binder Wrap for after Pregnancy

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Postpartum belly binding is an in-demand item after pregnancy as such products support and tighten the tummy after giving birth. This postpartum abdominal binder stands out from other postpartum belly wraps thanks to its affordable price and simple design that makes it easy to apply and adjust.  

Detailed Description

Best Postpartum Belly Wraps for Plus Size & Regular Sizes

Many say a postpartum binder is a must-have after giving birth. A postpartum belly belt applies welcome support to one’s abdomen in addition to one’s uterus to help it get both back to normal sooner. The added support of a postpartum tummy wrap can make a new mother more comfortable moving around after giving birth.

Some also tout the stomach tightening qualities a postpartum belly support encourages. In addition, the slimming qualities of wearing a postpartum belly binder can boost one’s confidence in the weeks after delivery.

You can get this as either a small/medium post partum belly band for body circumferences (measured at the widest point) ranging from 26 inches to 50 inches or a plus size postpartum belly band that fits midsections ranging from 50 inches to 72 inches. The sizing flexibility of these postpartum belly binders means one can tighten them as needed as one’s baby weight comes off.

The abdominal binder for postpartum use features a hook-and-loop closure that is quick and easy to apply. The closure for this postpartum stomach wrap is at the front of one’s body, which is also conducive toward easy application.

The postpartum tummy belt is composed of one solid panel for uniform compression and support to the entire abdomen. The 10-inch wide post partum belly wrap stretches from the lower rib area to the hip, covering the entire abdominal region. As a result, you also get postpartum hip binding with this product.

The regular or plus-size postpartum belly wrap is composed of foam laminate and elastic material, both of which are soft against the skin. This mix of materials is also free of latex.

Two flexible stays that prevent the abdominal support from rolling add to its appeal as the best postpartum belly band. This helps the belly wrap for postpartum use to lay smooth against one’s body so it fits easily beneath one’s clothes. The white color of this postpartum belly girdle also lends itself to that end.

Another “feature” that makes this one of the best postpartum belly binders around is its price tag. The high-quality postpartum tummy support is surprisingly affordable. 

When wearing a belly binder postpartum and caring for a newborn, one is likely to get it dirty. This postpartum binder support can be hand washed using cold water. It should be air dried.

And at this price point, one can consider buying two postpartum stomach wraps, so that a second one is available when the first is being washed.

Postpartum Belly Binding

While finding and wearing the best postpartum binder is by no means a necessity after giving birth, such products do speed up the process of getting back to one’s regular activities and clothes (and who doesn’t want that?!?).

This band provides belly compression postpartum, which helps one’s waist and the uterus shrink back to their original size. The fact that this band also covers the hips means it also works as a postpartum hip slimmer.

The post partum belly girdle lifts the skin and muscles of one’s midsection back to their original position, flattening one’s tummy and helping one to fit back into one’s regular clothes.

Belly binding postpartum also helps reduce any swelling and speeds the removal of fluids after giving birth. Postpartum bands for the tummy can also help prevent the enlargement of fat cells and improve one’s posture, which also improves one’s appearance after delivering a baby.

There are practical benefits to wearing a belly band post partum, as well. A postpartum tummy binder supports one’s weak abdominal muscles after having a baby. This can make one more comfortable moving around. The added support of a postpartum abdominal wrap can also help ease any abdominal pain after having a baby.

Those who have had a cesarean section delivery will also appreciate this adjustable postpartum belly wrap, as it can help support and encourage healing of the incision site. The past-partum belly support also helps prevent the incision from coming apart. Check out our full selection of c-section belly bands.

The stays on the sides of the postpartum stomach belt also help prevent it from creasing or rolling. If you read postpartum belly binder reviews, it quickly becomes apparent that this is important for maintaining a good fit.

Typically, one should wear a postpartum belly wrap in plus size or regular sizes for eight weeks after giving birth. Why eight weeks? That’s how long the hormone relaxin that helps loosen one’s ligaments as needed for delivery stays in one’s system.

Key Details of Postpartum Abdominal Binder

Those looking for the best abdominal binder for postpartum use will be impressed by this affordable post partum stomach girdle. Following is a breakdown of its features:

  • Post partum stomach belt supports weak abdominal muscles after giving birth
  • Postpartum recovery belly band compresses the abdomen and uterus
  • Postpartum tummy tighteners can help one’s hip and waist return to normal faster
  • Wearing post partum belly bands can improve posture
  • Postpartum belly support belt has a solid elastic panel for uniform support across the abdomen
  • Foam laminate of which the postpartum tummy band is also composed is soft against the skin
  • Post partum belly wrap/band lifts the tissues of one’s midsection back to their normal position
  • Low-profile and lightweight fit adds to its appeal as a best postpartum belly support
  • Two stays prevent the of this post partum stomach wrap from rolling and creasing
  • Postpartum support belly waist recovery belt comes in a discreet, white color
  • Postpartum belly stomach belt can easily be applied/adjusted thanks to its anterior hook and loop (Velcro-like) closure
  • Small/medium post partum stomach shrinker fits body circumferences 26” to 50”
  • Postpartum belly band in plus sizes fitting hip circumferences ranging from 50” to 72”
  • Post partum stomach bands allow a high degree of flexibility as to sizing
  • Postpartum hip binder is 10 inches wide
  • Wrap for postpartum hip compression is latex-free
  • Post partum belly binder can be hand-washed; must be air dried
  • Affordable postpartum pregnancy belly band

Sizing Chart

SizeBody Circumference
S/M26" - 50"
L/XL50" - 72"
Measurement point: The circumference around your body at the widest point which you plan to wear the binder.

Additional Information

L Code: L-0210

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Postpartum Belly Band Abdominal Binder Wrap for after Pregnancy

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