BraceAbility Female Hip & Abdominal Binder for Women

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This abdominal binder for women supports and compresses one’s hips and midsection, improving one’s figure and easing abdominal pain, making this a popular postpartum hip binder. This abdominal support for women can also help with medical conditions such as an abdominal hernia. The women’s abdominal binder is easy to apply and it features plush lining that is soft against the skin. 

Detailed Description

Lightweight Abdominal Binder for Women

This versatile abdominal support belt for women can help with a wide range of conditions, seamlessly transitioning from a pregnancy belt for hip pain to a postpartum hip slimmer to an incision protector to a belt for abdominal hernias.

The brace for postpartum hip compression is 10 inches long and it comes with two flexible stays that reside on either side of the brace. These prevent the hip bandage from uncomfortable bunching that defeats the purpose of wearing such abdominal wraps.

The waist support belt for women has a plush component that lies against one’s skin and the rest of the support consists of elastic. The elastic provides needed compression for the hips but it is also flexible enough that you don’t feel like you’re in a straightjacket while attempting to address one’s post pregnancy hips.

The girdle for hip pain features user-friendly hook-and-loop closures that are quick and easy for a busy mom to apply and adjust as needed. The closure is an anterior one, further increasing its ease of use.

The hip brace for women hugs the body and will fit easily (and comfortably) beneath one’s clothes. Its white color is also relatively discreet. This hip support band is free of latex.

The wide range of sizes each hip support for women can accommodate also enables it to adjust to changes in one’s girth as the baby weight comes off.

Women’s Abdominal Binder for Postpartum Use, Hernias and More…

Many mothers swear by the use of hip and waist binder after childbirth. (Check out “7 Effective Remedies for Pregnancy Back Pain.”) Proponents say postpartum hip binding makes them more comfortable moving around and exercising after giving birth and that such wraps help their body return to normal faster.

A postpartum hip binder applies gentle compression to one’s uterus, helping it to return to its normal size faster. This compression also helps reduce swelling and water retention after pregnancy. This is also a great belly wrap after a cesarean-section delivery as it protects and supports one’s incision site. (Check out “5 Best Products for Post C-section Delivery.”)

The increased abdominal support offered by an abdominal support binder for women also reduces strain on the low-back. In this way, the abdominal belt for women functions in much the same manner as a pregnancy hip support belt.

While some scoff at the purported benefits of a post-maternity hip support, even the skeptics admit that they “hold everything in” so to speak, helping one to fit back into one’s pre-pregnancy clothes faster and boosting the user’s confidence.

Of course, while wearing a postpartum hip slimmer can help guide users back to their pre-pregnancy body, one must focus on healthy eating and regular exercise to achieve the best results.

The wrap’s function is not limited to postpartum hip compression—those dealing with hip pain after a hip replacement will welcome the support and compression the hip pain wrap applies. The compression provided by the hip replacement wrap reduces painful inflammation and promotes healing by encouraging blood flow.

And as noted previously, the lower abdominal support can also help address back pain in females, as the abdominal compression can reduce pressure on the low-back.  

Body wraps for the hips and abs can also help with treatment of hernias. Hernias occur when an organ pushes through an opening or weak spot in the muscle or tissue that typically holds it in place, and they are most common in the abdominal region.

The women’s abdominal bandage can help hold in the protruding organ, preventing the hernia from worsening. Unfortunately, surgery is often required to repair a hernia (only umbilical hernias go away without treatment).

After going under the knife, this abdominal wrap can also protect one’s incision site and help healing to occur.

Details About this Abdominal Support for Women

Many women seek hip support during and after pregnancy for dealing with pain and getting back to one’s pre-baby figure. This simple abdominal/hip wrap is a great product for postpartum use as well as treatment of various sources of hip, back or abdominal pain. Following is a detailed list of its features:

  • Compression wrap for the abdomen reduces pain and inflammation and promotes healing
  • Hip and abdominal support makes women more confident and comfortable moving about after delivering a baby
  • Tummy binder can help one fit back into pre-pregnancy clothes faster
  • The post-baby wrap can also help with hernias and  hip, back and abdominal pain
  • Postpartum stomach binder is primarily constructed of elastic, but features a plush section for user comfort
  • Wrap for hip pain features two flexible stays that prevent it from rolling
  • Quick and easy to apply these wraps for hip pain thanks to their anterior hook-and-loop closure
  • Sizing flexibility of the post-baby wrap allows it to adjust as one’s girth diminishes
  • White belly sleeve
  • Belly tightening wrap is 10-inches wide
  • Low-profile waist binding hugs the body and fits discreetly beneath clothes
  • Latex-free hip compression wrap
  • Tummy tightening wrap comes in two sizes fitting body circumferences (measured at its widest point where one plans on wearing the binder) ranging from 26 inches to 72 inches.

Sizing Chart

SizeBody Circumference
S/M26" - 50"
L/XL50" - 72"
Measurement point: The circumference around your body at the widest point around which you plan to wear the binder.

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BraceAbility Female Hip & Abdominal Binder for Women

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