After C-Section & Hysterectomy Abdominal Binder Recovery Band

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Wearing an abdominal binder after a c section delivery eases pain, protects one’s incision and can make one more comfortable moving around. This particular c section binder features a highly adjustable and secure fit and a soft liner that makes it comfortable against the skin. Besides working as a belly band after c-section delivery, this can also help after a vaginal delivery, an abdominoplasty, hernia repair, laparotomy, bladder surgery and more. This c-section binder is 9 inches tall. If you need a taller support, the same binder is also available in a 12 inch height, here.

Detailed Description

A Versatile Abdominal Binder for Recovery after C Section

Wearing a belly binder after c section birth can be a godsend. This post-birth abdominal binder applies even compression across one’s midsection and supports the muscles of the abdominal region. Doing so can limit pain and promote healing.

Compression applied by a c section belly binder helps reduce painful inflammation. This is needed so healing can get underway. The gentle pressure one gets by wearing belly binders after c section births also speeds along the healing process.

The support of an abdominal wrap after birth is welcome for one’s overstretched abdominal muscles. And this can make one more comfortable moving around afterward, even if one has an incision.

Another benefit of wearing a binder after c section delivery is that it protects one’s incision and can help prevent sensitization of any scars.

 These qualities enable this belly band for c section recovery to help after a number of other surgeries as well. These include:

  • Hysterectomy
  • Ovarian Cystectomy (surgery to remove a cyst from your ovary)
  • Myomectomy (surgery to remove a fibroid from your uterus
  • Abdominoplasty (AKA, tummy tuck)
  • Hernia repair
  • Liposuction
  • Bladder surgery
  • Laparotomy
  • Bariatric surgical procedures

Because of the varied use of this post-surgery abdominal binder, we offer it in sizes ranging from small to X-large. The height is 9" tall, which is ideal for most women. The same brace is also available in 12 inches 

When wearing an abdominal belt after c section or other surgical procedures, an adjustable fit is key. One’s waist will slim down as time passes and swelling subsides. For that reason, this c section binder belt is constructed of hook-compatible plush elastic material.

What does that mean? It indicates that while the c-section bandage has a Velcro strip on the inside of one end that is meant as an attachment point, the Velcro closure can actually be attached anywhere on the post c section binder. What it means for users is that they can synch the c section recovery belly band as tight as desired.

The belly binder for c section births is constructed of plush elastic material that (as mentioned) is hook-compatible. It comes with a soft lining that makes it comfortable to wear the abdominal wrap, even after c section or other surgical procedures in this area.

The c section abdominal binder can be washed. To do so, simply close all contact closures and hand wash the surgical belly band using warm water with mild soap. The post op abdominal binder should be air dried. Note: one should not use high temps to wash or dry these belly bands for c section recovery.

The white post c section abdominal binder hugs the belly and comes in a white color for a discreet fit.

Why Wear a Belly Band or Recovery Belt after a Cesarean Section?

Cesarean section is a fairly invasive procedure that adds a whole other element to childbirth recovery. Wearing a tummy binder after a c section can help to make that process a bit easier and quicker.

One of the biggest benefits of wearing abdominal binders after surgery is that the gentle compression can make one more confident moving about. After this procedure, one might feel that the incision site might burst open with movement.

The compression and layer of support an abdominal binder for post-surgery use offers to the stressed abdominal tissues can make one more comfortable moving and bending. It also eases pain.

Doctors recommend increasing activity as quickly as possible after a c section, so the benefits of this are numerous. Besides helping with circulation and bowel function, this also helps one to get back to normal more quickly.

Speaking of confidence, wearing an abdominal brace after c section can also make you feel and look thinner, by holding in excess tissue. Wearing an abdominal compression binder after c section can also help loose skin tighten properly and prevent a sagging stomach from damaging the incision.

Wearing binders after c section also lessens strain on the back and helps one to straighten the spine. Besides the pain reduction this encourages, this also improves one’s appearance.

The pressure on the torso one gets from a belly binder for c section births helps reduce swelling and can help the uterus return to its normal size more quickly. The pressure on one’s incision one gets from a surgical binder after c section also helps reduce scar tissue. Plus compression provided by an abdomen belt after c section increases blood flow to the enclosed region of the body can speed healing.

The support of an abdominal binder for c section protects the incision site when sudden movements like coughing, sneezing or laughing occur.

Another major benefit of an abdominal support after c section is that it acts as a layer of protection if one is breastfeeding.

Many of the qualities that make this one of the best belly binders for post c section care also equips it for dealing with various other abdominal surgical procedures, including bariatric ones. (Check out our selection of tummy tuck recovery wraps.)

Considering its varied usage, it seems only logical that we offer this support in sizes up to an XL binder for c section recovery after multiple births and women with larger hips The variety of sizes fit a wide range of hip circumferences ranging from 30 inches to 84 inches.

Details on this Female Recovery Band for Healing Abdominal Incisions

Using an abdominal support after a c section provides numerous benefits to a new mother both in terms of comfort and healing time.  Following is a list of the features of this abdominal band for use after c section and other surgical procedures to the abdomen.

  • Using abdominal binders after c section births support the muscles of one’s abdomen
  • Wearing an abdominal support belt after c section can reduce pain
  • Compression applied by a c section recovery belly binder reduces swelling
  • Post c section abdominal compression belt helps uterus to return to normal
  • Belly binder for post c section protects one’s incision site, including for breastfeeding
  • Abdominal binder speeds c section recovery by making one more comfortable moving around sooner
  • Wearing abdominal belts after c section can reduce scar tissue and help skin tighten
  • Supporting one’s belly and spine via an abdominal wrap for c section prevents sagging skin from tugging at incision
  • Promotes good posture by supporting one’s spine and lifting one’s stomach
  • C section abdominal bands help one look slimmer and fit into “regular” clothes sooner
  • Soft lining and plush elastic material of the post c section abdominal support is comfortable against the skin
  • The after c section binder comes in a wide variety of sizes for a more customized fit
  • ab binder after c section or vaginal birth
  • Hook-compatible material of the support makes it like a universal surgical abdominal binder in terms of sizing flexibility; this is great for one’s changing waistline.
  • Post c section surgical stomach wrap can also help after:  abdominoplasty, hernia repair, laparotomy, liposuction, bladder surgery, bariatric surgical procedures
  • Can get these c section binders in numerous sizes, fitting hip circumferences ranging from 30 inches to 84 inches
  • 9 inches tall, also sold in 12 inches
  • Post c section stomach support can be hand washed using warm water and mild soap; should be air dried

Sizing Chart

SizeHip Circumference
S 30" - 46"
M 46" - 62"
L 60" - 75"
XL 72" - 84"
Measure the circumference around your hips at the widest part of your buttocks, in inches.

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After C-Section & Hysterectomy Abdominal Binder Recovery Band

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