Clavicle Braces

What is a Clavicle Brace?

A clavicle brace ensures that your collar bone will heal in the correct position by immobilizing your arm and movement in your upper body. There are many different styles of braces designed for men, women, and children. Finding the right clavicle splint or bandage depends on your injury. Most collarbone injuries are not healed through surgery and instead healed over time by holding the bone in place with a brace, sling, clavicle strap, or splint. A common concern for individuals with broken clavicles is how long it should be worn. These clavicle supports are meant to be worn for a certain amount of time each day, but not for extremely long periods of time. The graphic below shows how to put on a orthopedic clavicle support.

Finding the Best Clavicle Brace for You

Figure 8 Clavicle Braces

A figure 8 clavicle brace is normally the go-to brace that has two loops (one for each arm) and is adjusted in the back. Not only does this clavicle brace improve your posture, but it will also limit the mobility, twisting, and turning of the upper body.  A figure 8 brace will hold the collarbone and back in the correct alignment by forcing the shoulders to be in a bent back position. This padded clavicle harness is very easy to apply with a comfortable fit and adjustable straps.  A Figure 8 Strap is ideal for a fractured collarbone, not a broken collarbone. If you have a great deal of clavicle pain, the clavicle fracture treatment sling includes added pads for maximum comfort.

Slings for a Broken Clavicle

If you don’t have a serious clavicle break or dislocation, but want to make sure everything heals properly, a sling is a perfect solution. Clavicle slings offer more mobility and don’t have to be worn underneath clothes. Depending on the degree of collarbone injury, the type of sling will vary as well. A shoulder immobilizer sling will help limit the movement of the upper body, but you won’t feel as constricted as a figure 8 clavicle brace. Another alternative to the figure 8 brace is a cuff sling, which will wrap around your wrist. This is a great product to transition down to when healing begins to take place.


Clavicle Brace and Posture Support

Clavicle braces not only help with a collarbone break, dislocation, or fracture, but they also help with posture. Figure 8 Braces will pull your shoulders backwards and help correct the alignment with your back. Posture is extremely important when needing to heal a collarbone injury. Clavicle posture braces can help limit the side effects of poor posture such as:


-Negative Physical Appearance

-Cuts off your Circulation


-Back, Neck or Shoulder Pain

-Gastronomical Problems



Pediatric Clavicle Supports

In order to help kids with poor posture, a pediatric back and shoulder posture brace is a perfect solution. Even better, this brace can double as either a collarbone brace or splint to straighten your child’s clavicle. If your child has fractured their collarbone, we recommend this clavicle strap for kids, which has a buckle closure instead of velcro. The buckle closure cannot be undone by the child so it ensures they keep the support on and their clavicle stays immobilized. This broken clavicle treatment brace comes in a wide range of sizes for  babies, toddlers, children, and youth.


Clavicle Slings

Clavicle slings are primarily for less serious collarbone fractures. Collarbone slings are usually suggested by a physician after either having surgery, or for general therapy. The degree of injury will factor in on which clavicle sling to choose. For example, if you have a more serious break, like either a Group 2 or Group 3 clavicle fracture, it might be best to choose one of our clavicle fracture treatment slings like the a figure 8 clavicle brace. On the other hand, if your collarbone injury is not as serious, and you want to ensure that it heals correctly, a general clavicle splint or sling would be a good fit.