Pediatric Elbow Immobilizer Splint & Arm Restraint

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This pediatric elbow stabilizer prevents the elbow from bending while permitting other movements of the arm. Therefore, this pediatric elbow splint is ideal for a number of situations where a child’s movements must be limited. The medical-grade foam material of which the elbow brace for kids is constructed means wearing this it is also a fairly pleasant experience. Please note that size XS of this elbow stabilizer is very small and designed for infants. For larger sizes, see the adult version

Detailed Description

Pediatric Elbow Stabilizer

There are a number of situations where a child elbow immobilizer might be helpful or necessary. For example, one might need this type of elbow flexion restraint following surgery for cleft palate repair or for IV therapy. Immobilizing the elbow can also be helpful in treating some elbow injuries.

This passive arm restraint is adjustable thanks to a series of hook-and-loop straps. In addition, it comes in an x-small size that is suited for infants and newborns, as well as a small size designed for toddlers. There is also an adult version of this elbow immobilizing brace

**Please note that size XS of this elbow stabilizer is very small and designed for infants. 

The pediatric elbow brace is made of a soft, medical-grade foam material that is latex free for user comfort. See more pediatric elbow braces and splints.

Child Elbow Splint for Immobilization

This pediatric elbow splint’s ability to prevent a child from bending his or her elbow is useful in a number of scenarios. For instance, if a child has had cleft palate surgery or is in need of IV therapy, such an elbow splint could be very useful. Following surgery, a brace for elbow immobilization can prevent post-operative complications, such as a child disrupting his or her sutures by putting objects or fingers in his or her mouth.  

Similarly, a children’s elbow restraint can help prevent a child from interfering with an intravenous injection.

Or there are a number of elbow injuries for which treatment involves immobilizing this joint. For instance, treating a fractured elbow will involve immobilizing the joint via a child’s elbow splint for several weeks or with a cast. Check out BraceAbility’s full line of pediatric supports here.

Elbow Brace & Arm Restraint for Infants, Toddlers & Kids

This kids’ elbow brace is a comfortable and effective option for infants, toddlers or children. And if larger sizes are needed, an adult version is also available. Some of its features include the following

  • Passive elbow and arm restraint
  • Prevents elbow flexion
  • Ideal for post-operative cleft palate care, IV therapy, general elbow injuries, sports injuries
  • Adjusted via Velcro closures
  • Made of soft medical-grade foam
  • Latex-free 
  • Size XS designed for infants and newborns

Sizing Chart

XS Infants
S Toddlers / Children

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Pediatric Elbow Immobilizer Splint & Arm Restraint

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