Apr 1, 2015

Male Bruised Rib Belt

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This Rib Belt for Men is a simple and effective rib support for rib fractures and other injuries to the ribs. The rib brace is designed to compress and support rib cage strain that leaves men uncomfortable or in pain.

Male Bruised Rib Belt

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Features of the Rib Belt for Men

  • The front and sides of the rib belt are not elastic to provide a more rigid support while the back is elastic to provide some mobility and the best mobility to the patient.
  • The large Velcro strap allows the patient to adjust the rib support to their own comfort.
  • Utilizes cotton satin and terry cloth material to make recovery as comfortable as possible.
  • 6.3 inches (16 cm) in height.

Male Rib Brace for Bruised Rib Treatment                       

This rib belt is great for fractured rib care, but although it promotes comfort and support it is important to understand that fractured rib treatment will still leave some pain in the ribs. Multiple rib fractures need to be checked out by a doctor since this could result in a punctured lung or flail chest that makes it extremely difficult to breath. A more simple rib fracture from coughing is easier to support and recover.

A Broken Rib Brace for Symptoms of a Fractured Rib

  • Rib pain that can be mild or severe depending on the break.
  • Breathing becomes painful.
  • Headaches and dizziness.
  • The organs may lose some of the protection that ribs normally provide.

A Rib Belt for Rib Strain and Rib Contusions

  • Strain to the intercostals muscles that are located between the ribs—help stabilize the wall of the chest.
  • A rib contusion or severe bruising symptoms may be similar to a rib fracture, but may also result in blood accumlating in the area and infection.
  • Common rib bruising is quickly recovered and comforted with this rid support.
  • Elastic back section combined with non-elastic side and front section
  • Wide velcro strap system allows for individual adjustment
  • Very comfortable to wear due to use of cotton satin and fine terry cloth material
  • Height: 6.3"
  • Color: white
Name Male Bruised Rib Belt
SKU TLC-0814138X

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Universal / Adjustable - Fits chest circumference of 24" - 60"

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