Universal Knee Compression Wrap with Patella Support

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This neoprene knee brace provides warmth, support and compression to the knee, making it ideal for those with arthritis, knee sprains or strains or other knee injuries. The wrap-around knee brace eliminates the need for any twisting around to apply the knee brace. 

Detailed Description

Comfortable Neoprene Knee Wrap

This black knee brace is made out of premium-grade soft-brushed loop neoprene that is 1/8 of an inch thick. It also includes a compression-molded textured neoprene buttress. This material provides support, warmth and compression to the knee. Plus it is free of latex. (See more neoprene knee braces.)

 The buttress of this warm knee brace helps ensure proper joint movement, plus it is removable and can be positioned to fit one’s needs.

This knee compression brace is open at the patella for improved movement. This also keeps pressure away from what might be an inflamed kneecap. The open patella knee wrap also enhances the breathability of this warm knee brace.

All of the aforementioned qualities enable this comfortable knee brace to help with moderate knee sprains and strains, arthritis and various other knee injuries.

The arthritis knee brace can be easily applied thanks to the wrap-around design and simple Velcro closures above and below the knee. These closures allow for easy adjustment of the brace, in addition to keeping the knee wrap suspended.

This knee brace for warmth fits thigh circumferences (measured 6 inches above the kneecap) ranging from 13 inches to 25 inches. And the one-size-fits-most nature of the brace means one does not have to go through the hassle of figuring out the correct size.

Another added bonus of universal sizing is that it cuts down on inventory and translates to a very affordable knee wrap without sacrificing quality.

Wrap Around Knee Brace for Sprains, Arthritis and More

Those dealing with arthritis often struggle with joint stiffness and pain. This knee brace with neoprene encompasses the knee with warmth, which eases joint stiffness and improves mobility, and it applies compression that reduces inflammation and knee pain.

Those dealing with various knee injuries such as a sprain or strain also benefit from the movable buttress and the support the neoprene knee wrap offers. The fact that the comfortable knee wrap has an open patella design is also important in that it prevents aggravation of the injury.

Also optimizing this knee wrap for treatment of various injuries is the fact that inflammation-reducing compression is usually part of the prescription for knee injury treatment. As one heals, he or she can remove the buttress and wear the neoprene brace for the knee simply for additional support.

Knee Wrap Key Features

There are a number of reasons this simple knee wrap for arthritis and more is a good solution for treating knee pain. Following is a breakdown of its selling points.

  • Constructed of premium-grade latex free soft-brushed loop neoprene
  • Buttress is made of compression-molded, textured neoprene
  • Buttress is movable and removable so this neoprene brace for the knee can help in various stages of treatment
  • Indications: moderate knee strains or sprains, arthritis, etc.
  • Universal knee wrap provides warmth and support
  • Open-patella knee support design
  • Brace applies compression around the kneecap
  • Inexpensive knee brace with a buttress
  • Wrap-around design with a Velcro strap above and below the kneecap for easy fit adjustment
  • The straps of the knee wrap prevent it from slipping down the leg
  • Lightweight, flexible fit makes this a comfortable, soft knee knee brace
  • Color: Black
  • Universal sizing: Fits leg circumferences measured 6 inches above the mid-patella ranging from 13 inches to 25 inches

Sizing Chart

Size6" Above Kneecap
Universal Sizing - One size fits mostFrom 13" to 25" circumference
Measure the circumference around your leg, 6 inches above the middle of your kneecap.

Additional Information

L Code: L-1825

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Universal Knee Compression Wrap with Patella Support

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