Herniated & Degenerative Disc Treatment Back Brace

This back brace for herniated disc treatment relieves back pain by lowering intradiscal pressure via compression of one’s midsection. Anterior and posterior panels support the spine all the way up to the T9 vertebrae. The belt for lumbar herniated disc treatment will also hold a gel pack for heat or ice therapy (sold separately). 

Detailed Description

Back Brace for Lumbar Herniated Disc Treatment

The ability of this belt to unload the lower back makes it a great treatment for herniated disc injuries as well as other lumbar back and disc-related issues, including the following:

The support and intracavitary pressure the lumbar brace provides lessens pressure on the tissues of the low back, easing the symptoms of a herniated disc or some other back injury. The anterior (front) and posterior (back) panels also support the tissues in these areas, lessening strain on them. These inserts are anatomically designed for a comfortable fit.

The back support helps prevent movements that might worsen the symptoms of a herniated disc in the lower back. Resting one’s low back is also beneficial in that it gives swelling a chance to subside, which is needed to heal a herniated disc.

The panels of this lumbosacral brace for herniated disk treatment are made of ABS plastic inserts—a durable, impact- and heat-resistant material. The rigid panels of the herniated disc treatment back brace are contoured to the body, making them comfortable to wear.

The portions of the bulging disc back brace that come in contact with the skin are made of a soft, breathable material.

This belt for a herniated disc in the lower back is secured via contact closures that make application simple. Elastic double-pull tabs make it easy to achieve a secure fit.

The belt for ruptured disc treatment can also hold a gel pack for cold or heat therapy. These are tried and true methods for how to treat herniated disc and other injuries. Note that a gel pack must be purchased separately.

Treatment for Herniated Disc Recovery

A herniated disc, also known as a slipped or ruptured disc, can be quite disruptive of one’s day-to-day life. A ruptured lumbar disc refers to when some of the soft inner material of a disc slips through a crack in its tough exterior. 

This differs from a bulging disc where the disc simply bulges outside of the space it normally occupies without rupturing.

But the symptoms, causes and conservative modes of treatment of herniated and bulging discs are largely the same.

The cause of a herniated disc in the spine or a bulging disc is often simply the gradual disc degeneration that occurs as one ages. Sometimes a traumatic event or using one’s back muscles to lift something large or heavy is to blame for a ruptured disc in the lower back.

In some cases, one may not even be aware this has occurred. But if the herniated disc impacts one or several spinal nerves, it can cause intense pain in the buttocks, thigh and calf that might shoot into one’s arm or leg if one coughs, sneezes, twists, etc. Other ruptured disc symptoms include numbness, tingling or weakness of the body area impacted by the affected nerves. (Learn more about vertebrae pain.)

Whether one is able to treat a herniated disk using conservative or surgical treatment will depend upon the severity of one’s symptoms, as well as the health of the patient.

Conservative treatment for a herniated disc in the lower back typically involves activity modification to avoid painful positions, medication to ease pain and following a regiment of exercises for herniated disc patients, specifically.

Wearing a herniated disc back brace for a limited amount of time is also incorporated into herniated disc therapy for many as this can rest the back so that inflammation can subside and healing can occur. This particular belt reduces pressure on one’s discs, making it uniquely suited for relieving herniated disc pain.

Heat or ice therapy can also help reduce inflammation and soothe sore tissues. This bulging disc brace’s ability to hold an ice or heat pack is a benefit worth noting… especially since the back can be a tricky area to ice or heat.

Other conservative ruptured disk treatment options include:

  • Traction
  • Ultrasound
  • Electrical stimulation
  • Cortisone injection

In roughly 90% of patients, conservative methods are enough to ease the symptoms of a herniated disc. But for a small number of patients, surgery to remove the protruding part of the disc or, in rare cases, the entire disc.

Again, this back brace can offer the support one will need after going under the knife.

While herniated discs are most common in the lumbar spine, they can also occur farther up in the thoracic and cervical spine. Because the anatomical inserts of this brace extend to the T9 vertebrae, this brace can also help with herniated disc in the upper back in some cases. BraceAbility offers neck braces for various types of degenerative disc disease in the cervical spine.

Lumbar Herniated Disc Back Brace Details

This belt supports and reduces pressure on the spine, as needed for herniated or bulging disc in the back treatment. Following is a detailed list of the features that enable it to do so in a comfortable manner:

  • Relieves herniated disc lower back symptoms and promotes healing
  • Circumferential compression produces intracavitary pressure that reduces force on the ruptured or bulging discs in the lower back
  • Includes anatomically contoured anterior and posterior inserts for added support
  • Supports the back from the sacrococygeal junction to the T9 vertebra
  • Rigid panels are constructed of ABS plastic that is lightweight, durable and heat- and impact- resistant
  • Extended front panel is 10 inches long
  • Posterior (back) panel is 15 inches long
  • Treats herniated disc, bulging disc, other forms of discogenic disc disease, spinal stenosis, stable, non-displaced fractures of the L2 to L5 vertebra, facet syndrome, radiculopathy, sciatica, spondylolisthesis, chronic or acute low back pain, lumbosacral spine weakness, and for post-surgical stabilization
  • Belt for herniated disc treatment in the lower back is composed of soft, breathable fabric
  • Double-pull tabs for a secure fit
  • Contact closures make applying this belt for herniated disc treatment in the low back a breeze
  • Back brace for herniated disc care will hold a gel pack (sold separately) for cold/heat therapy
  • Lumbar back belt’s low profile fit and black color enable discrete usage
  • Herniated disc brace can be washed by hand using warm water and mild soap; should be air dried

Sizing Chart

SizeWaist Circumference
X-Small25" - 30"
Small30" - 35"
Medium35" - 40"
Large40" - 45"
X-Large45" - 50"
2X-Large50" - 55"
3X-Large55" - 60"
4X-Large60" - 65"
Measurement taken from waist circumference

Additional Information

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Job Jr.



Very Good


I have had this back brace for about 5 to 7 years now. I have had to have surgery three times, on my second surgery they gave me this brace, or I should say I paid for this brace. I love it, yes it is a bit high. I paid a great deal more than I am going to pay now. But it is the very same brace. I love the fact that I can put cold or hot and also make the brace a little harder by putting in the hard liner for a little more support like when I am working my wood shop. Or I can just leave it out if I am hurting and want to put the brace on while just sitting around watching the ball game. With this brace you can make it be when and how you want it. This brace is so very much better than the first one I had. That brace was just one way. I wanted and got a brace the way I needed it to be, MY WAY. I hurt but not always in the same way, I do not work with this company in any kind of way, I am not being paid or been given anything in return for what I am saying. I am doing this and trying to be truthful about every thing I am saying. I have a very bad back and will for the rest of my life. Unless God steps in. I know how hard it is to fine something that truly helps with the pain. I can not say about any others. I just know for me this brace really works for me. I am doing this review only to maybe help someone to know that this brace really does what it was made for, to help with the pain in a bad back. I.hope this review helps somebody.

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Herniated & Degenerative Disc Treatment Back Brace

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