PROlign EXT Boa Closure Lumbar Back Brace

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This De Royal back brace is perfect for back conditions like chronic low back pain, lumbar muscle weakness, lumbar strains and sprains, and more. The PROlign EXT adjustable lumbar orthosis is powered by The Boa Closure System for a powerful and secure fit that is easy for the patient to tighten with the turn of a dial.
Detailed Description

A Versatile DeRoyal Back Brace

This DeRoyal back brace is one of the most versatile back braces available in the market today. While most back braces—even an adjustable back brace—are tailored for a specific back condition, this Boa back brace is effective for post-operative lumbar immobilization, chronic low back pain, lumbar muscle weakness, lumbar strains and sprains, mechanical or discogenic disc disease, postural support, degenerative disc disease, IDET procedure, spinal blocks, and more.

Boa Back Brace Featuring the Boa Closure System

With the Boa Closure System of this Boa back brace, patients can adjust their brace with just a turn of a dial. The Boa Closure System doesn’t only assure easy adjustability of the brace itself, but also assures a snug, secure, and powerful fit for the wearer. The dial of the Boa Closure System also allows for micro-adjustability and on-the-fly adjustment. This adjustable back brace is also constructed of a soft breathable material that provides a cool, comfortable fit.

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Details and Features of the DeRoyal PROlign Ext Adjustable Back Brace

  • The dial on this boa back brace allows micro-adjustability and on-the-fly adjustment
  • This adjustable back brace is made with a soft breathable material to provide a cool, comfortable fit
  • Patented dual closure for infinite adjustability
  • Rigid anterior insert provides support to the intra-abdominal and viscera region helping to unload the spine under gravitational load
  • 25° posterior plastic insert helps to maintain neutral sagittal alignment while maximizing support of anatomical structures
  • Extended posterior panel for coverage from sacrococcygeal junction to the T9 vertebrae
  • Indicated to treat: Post-operative lumbar immobilization; Chronic low back pain; Lumbar muscle weakness; Lumbar strains and sprains; Mechanical or discogenic disc disease; Postural support; Degenerative disc disease; IDET procedure; Spinal blocks

Sizing Chart

SizeWaist Circumference
X-Small25" - 30"
Small30" - 35"
Medium35" - 40"
Large40" - 45"
X-Large45" - 50"
2X-Large50" - 55"
All measurements taken in inches

Additional Information

L Code: L0631

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PROlign EXT Boa Closure Lumbar Back Brace

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