Cybertech SPINE Sport Back Brace

The Cybertech SPINE Sport Back Brace has a similar construction to the regular SPINE brace with a narrower profile allowing for an enhanced activity level or greater range of motion.
Detailed Description

Sport Back Brace for the Spine and Back Pain

Also known as the Cybertech Bodyxcel back brace, the Spine Sport is a similar product to the Cybertech SPINE Back Brace but with an enhanced range of motion that is perfect for the recovering athlete or active person.

Back Pain Treatment with an Athletic Back Brace

This support for back is equipped to fight pain in back from low back pain to many other symptoms in a wide range of patients. A great brace for recovering athletes, especially when the patient reaches the stage when they no longer are in need of a bulky style back strap and can revert to more active motions and back pain treatment.

Features of this Range of Motion Sport Back Brace:

  • The patented Mechanical Advantage Pulley System provides the necessary compression to the abdominal region to diminish back aches from surgery and other injuries allowing athletes the opportunity to be more active without being hindered by pain in the back.
  • Unlike ankle braces or knee braces that can be difficult to access, this brace can be adjusted with one hand for better usability in active situations. It is also easily applied and removed to allow users the freedom needed in recovery.
  • Nylon mesh design allows greater air-flow than bulkier lower lumbar braces for more comfort during athletics.

Great Sports Back Support for Common Back Surgeries

The sport version of the SPINE brace is great for common sports lumbar back injuries that leave athletes unable to perform at their best. The narrow design allows for better activity than the original version due to a much larger range of motion.

  • Spinal stenosis—narrowing of the spinal passage.
  • Spondylolisthesiswhen a vertebrae slips over the bone below in the spinal column.
  • Fracture causing lower back pain in athletes.

Sizing Chart

SizeWaist CircumferencePosterior HeightAnterior Height
Small25" - 30"7.5"4.75"
Medium30" - 35"8"5.5"
Large35" - 40"8.5"6"
X-Large40" - 45"9"6.875"
2X-Large45" - 50"9.5"7.75"
3X-Large50" - 55"10"9"
All measurements taken in inches

Customer Reviews




the best back brace I ever used.


My back was injured in 3 places. {comprssion fractures.} This cybertech back brace helps hold by back inplace, Therefore helps with the back pain. Would advise anybody with back pain to ware this product. It works for me. Thanks

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Cybertech SPINE Sport Back Brace

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