Cybertech Universal Sacro Iliac SI Brace for Men & Women

The Cybertech SI Belt provides stabilization of the sacroiliac (SI) joints through direct circumferential compression utilizing the 5 to 1 ratio mechanical advantage pulley system. The SI belt is prescribed for conservative treatment of sacroiliac strain or arthritis.
Detailed Description

A Sacro Iliac Belt for SI Joint Pain

This back brace is designed to stabilize the sacroiliac (SI) joints with direct conservative compression. Lightweight and breathable, this unique brace is only $59.99 making it one of the cheapest and bestselling back supports for back pain BraceAbility has to offer.

What is the Sacroiliac Joint?

The sacroiliac joints are formed by the connection between the bone in the lower portion of the spine and the bones that make up the pelvis and connect the spine to the pelvic bone. The ligaments are put under a lot of stress as the sacroiliac supports most of the upper body weight.

What is SI joint Dysfunction and how can the Cybertech SI Brace help?

The Sacro Illiac Belt is a great back and spine support to help alleviate and recover from the backpain caused by SI joint dysfunction.

  • Causes pain to the joint that is needed for support of body weight.
  • Damaged or torn cartilage can cause bones to rub together for severe back pain.
  • Support for back and things like posture are essential to the healing process.
  • Things like pregnancy, gout, and arthritis can also cause an inflammation of the SI joints.

Features of the Cybertech Sacroiliac Back Belt:

  • Compression power providing support to the pelvic region is unmatched by other braces.
  • Flexible and breathable for the most comfort possible.
  • The sacroiliac joints have little run for motion and this support for back reduces that motion, often times bringing instant relief from pain.
  • Removable and adjustable pads in the brace provide users with the best fit possible.
  • Fabric closure and flexible pulley system allows a universal fit. Fits hip circumferences of 23" - 50"

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L Code: L0621

Customer Reviews




I like this brace.


I have been wearing this back support for three months after surgery an had on problem with it an easy to take on or off .

Torben Nielsen



Life is great again!


Thank you very much for quick shipment of my new brace, it arrived yesterday, in five minutes I had it on. I tightened it and for the first time in several years I could straighten up to my normal height of 6' 1''. What a wonderful feeling and the usual pain associated with walking was gone. It feels like an other five years have been added to my 93. Life is great again. Thank you, thank you so much.

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Cybertech Universal Sacro Iliac SI Brace for Men & Women

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