LSO Back Brace for Facet Syndrome & Spine Arthritis

This lumbar sacral orthosis brace can help treat a wide number of conditions, including facet syndrome, spine arthritis, osteoarthritis of the back, and other disc degeneration issues. It is comfortable, padded, low-profile and effective. Plus, it has a “universally accepted design,” meaning the spondylolisthesis back brace can be used for multiple stages of the recovery process, including both pre-operative and post-operative care.
Detailed Description

LSO Brace for Treating Lumbar & Mid-Spine Disorders

This back support for spondylolisthesis and spondylolysis care is well suited for treating a number of other conditions, too. These include:

The spondylolysis back brace features a molded posterior panel that conforms to the shape of one’s thoracic and lumbar back. The belt that wraps around to the front of the brace holds an anterior panel that can be removed from its pocket if desired.

The front panel and the brace itself are low-profile, and fit around the natural curves of your waist and hips. The front and back panels are also padded, which increases the comfort aspect of this support, which is important for those who are suffering from osteoarthritis pain in their back or spine. This also means that it can fit beneath clothing, if one so desires.  

The chair-back design of the spondylolisthesis orthotic provides support to the low-and mid-back, while the belt provides support in the abdominal region, for multi-layer stabilization. See more lumbosacral (LSO) braces or lumbar orthotics

The brace for low- and mid-back support closes at the front for easy access. Also in the interest of user-ease, the support for spondylolisthesis back pain includes hand straps. These are intended to make it easier for those with arthritis to close or adjust the fit of the support.

This versatile lumbar brace for facet joint arthritis is well crafted so that one does not have to purchase multiple braces throughout the recovery process. Other “smart” elements of its design include the following:

  • Hand straps for easy application by those with arthritis
  • Chair-back design
  • Stabilizes and supports the low- and mid-back
  • Anterior (front) and posterior (back) panels are removable and replaceable
  • Posterior (back) panel is padded and contours to fit the natural curve of your spine, for maximum comfort while sitting or standing.
  • Low-profile anterior belt makes it easy to wear this back brace under or over clothing without riding up or causing discomfort to your groin or stomach.
  • Anterior belt includes a pocket for the removable anterior panel
  • Anterior panel height is 7”
  • Posterior panel height is 14”
  • Available in six sizes (small to 3XL) fitting circumferences 25” to 55”
  • Treats spondylolisthesis, spondylolysis, spinal stenosis, mechanical back pain, facet syndrome, degenerated discs, bulging discs or herniated discs
  • Universally accepted design for pre- and post-operative care
  • Can be used before and after the following surgeries: laminotomy, foraminotomy, anterior laproscopic fusion, posterior lateral fusion, multi-level decompression and for IDET procedures. 
  • Discreet gray color

Sizing Chart

SizeWaist CircumferencePosterior (Back) Panel HeightAnterior (Front) Panel Height
Small 25" - 30" 14" 7"
Medium 30" - 35" 14" 7"
L 35" - 40" 14" 7"
XL 40" - 45" 14" 7"
2XL 45" - 50" 14" 7"
3XL 50" - 55" 14" 7"
All measurements taken in inches

Additional Information

L Code: L0631

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Just received the brace and it is extremely comfortable!


Over the years I have purchased a number of Velcro type back braces and have been unhappy because after time the velcro doesnt hold and the brace doesnt provide enough support. I just received this brace and had it on all afternoon and feel immediate comfort. I am very pleased with the design, quality and comfort of this product. I purchased the Passport LSO brace and I am looking forward to be able to be alot more active and pain free.

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LSO Back Brace for Facet Syndrome & Spine Arthritis

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