Post-op Corset Brace for Lumbar Spinal Fusion & Discectomy Surgery Recovery

The MAC PLUS - Mechanical Advantage Corset PLUS Low Profile Corset Back Support is a form fitting, comfortable corset back brace, similar to the Original MAC Low Profile but with the added benefit of removable posterior panels for added support.
Detailed Description

A Low Profile Corset Back Support

The MAC Plus is the very definition of a low profile back brace with its lightweight design and other features that enhance mobility while maintaining stability. At only $75.99 it is one of the cheapest Cybertech braces offered at BraceAbility.

Sleek Features for of this Back Support Corset Brace

  • Forms to the patient’s body for the best back pain treatment and comfort.
  • Utilizes the patented pulley system for compression to the lumbar back region. This brace is also designed to provide a smoother relief from back pain with its sleeker design.
  • Compared to many back braces here at BraceAbility, the MAC Plus is thinner, more lightweight and breathable compared to many of them. The enhanced mobility is backed up by the panels in the brace that increase stabilization and help alleviate back injury pain.
  • The low profile posterior (back) panel is connected via a secure rivet system (see photo), and can be removed and reattached easily with no tools. This allows you to customize your level of support depending on your needs.
  • An economic brace that comfortably contours and conforms to each patientï¾’s body structure.
  • 3:1 ratio, low-friction Flexible Pulley System provides powerful, smooth and easily-controlled compression and support.
  • Thin, lightweight, breathable construction combines with contouring panels for increased support.
  • The patented corset pulley system allows you to do quick, one-handed adjustment so you can control your support level and comfort for standing or sitting.
  • Single front closure provides easy ingress and egress

Removable Posterior Panel for Added Support

The Mac Plus is similar to the Original MAC Low Profile but with the addition of the posterior (back) panel for added support and stabilization. Where the original MAC series dealt with symptoms and back problems, the MAC Plus does it even better

Like the original MAC braces, the MAC Plus is ideal for:

  • Single column spinal instability
  • Sprains and strains causing back and spine pain.
  • Taking a step down from bulkier braces in the recovery process from spine surgery or other back aches.
  • Enhances movement for more comfortable recovery.

The added back panel along with the low profile belt design gives better stability to patients who are in need of immobilization. The MAC Plus is ideal for various forms of back discomfort and can be a cheaper, more mobile route than other bulkier style supports.

Sizing Chart

SizeWaist Circumference
S25" - 30"
M30" - 35"
L35" - 40"
XL40" - 45"
2XL45" - 50"
Measure the circumference around your waist at the narrowest part of your torso, in inches.

Additional Information

L Code: L0630

Customer Reviews




Comfort and support


This is the first low profile comfortable brace I've ever bought that actually works! I've discarded about a dozen others....Wore it for six hours to the zoo and was comfortable and pain free the whole day. I was able to walk and stand without the usual extreme pain or need to sit down or stretch. Very happy with this brace!

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Post-op Corset Brace for Lumbar Spinal Fusion & Discectomy Surgery Recovery

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