Low Profile Sacroiliac Joint Belt

The Cybertech Low Profile Sacroiliac Brace provides stabilization of the sacroiliac (SI) joints through direct circumferential compression utilizing the 3 to 1 ratio mechanical advantage pulley system. This SI Joint Belt has a slimmer, narrower design than the original sacro iliac belt.

Detailed Description

Cybertech Sacroiliac Joint Belt for SI Joint and Back Pain

The Cybertech Low Profile Sacroiliac SI Belt is a unique back brace designed to provide stabilization and pain relief to the sacroiliac (SI) joints through direct circumferential compression. This sacral belt does so by utilizing Cybertech’s patented 3 to 1 ratio mechanical advantage pulley system, allowing the patient to apply and adjust the SI joint belt rapidly in one step with one hand.

This Cybertech SI Belt has a slimmer, narrower design than the original Cybertech Universal SI Belt. This particular SI joint brace is recommended by medical professionals for conservative treatment of sacroiliac strain or arthritis. The breathable pelvic belt is designed to stabilize the SI joints with direct moderate compression. This version of the Cybertech SI Belt is also available in two sizes, small and standard, allowing patients to achieve an optimal fit.

 This particular sacroiliac belt provides the same adjustable compression power from the pulley system as the original version, with the addition of mobility. Because the SI joint belt is lower profile with a slimmer design, mobility is increased for patients during the recovery process. This version is also more flexible and breathable, while still providing the same amount of comfort and support to the spine region of the lumbar back.

 The purpose of the sacroiliac joint pain relief belt is to restrict the motion of the sacroiliac joints, while still allowing movement throughout the rest of the body. The pads that the SI belt includes are removable and can be adjusted to add comfort to the already lightweight and breathable brace.

What is the Sacroiliac Joint and SI Joint Dysfunction?

The sacroiliac joints are formed by the connection between the bone in the lower portion of the spine, and the bones that make up the pelvis and connect the spine to the pelvic bone. The ligaments are put under a great deal of stress as the sacroiliac supports most of the upper body’s weight. SI joint dysfunction is a condition that requires proper back and spin support, and the SI joint belt provides that support to patients. The greater range this sacroiliac brace permits allows patients to be pain free and more mobile while wearing the brace during the recovery process

It is not clear what causes SI joint dysfunction, but it is thought that it can be caused by either too much or too little movement of the SI joint. Alteration in the normal joint movement is believed to be the main cause, and it is generally more common in young and middle-aged women.

Initial treatment for sacroiliac joint dysfunction includes ice, heat, and rest of the SI joint. Depending on the severity of one’s pain, ice can be continued anywhere between two days to two weeks. Pain medications such as acetaminophen and anti-inflammatories are also recommended to reduce swelling that is usually contributing to the patient's pain.

Features of Cybertech SI Belt for SI Joint Dysfunction

  • Includes 3 to 1 ratio pulley system for quick, one-handed adjustment and application
  • Has a slimmer, lower-profile, more breathable design compared to the original version
  • Restricts motion of sacroiliac joints without limiting mobility in rest of body
  • Relieves pain and treats SI joint pain and SI joint dysfunction
  • Adjustable pads to add comfort or remove for a sleeker fit
  • Pulley system allows patient to customize compression based on severity of SI joint pain
  • Available in two sizes: Small and Standard

Sizing Chart

SizeHip Circumference
SmallUp to 35"
Standard35" - 50"
All measurements taken in inches

Additional Information

L Code: L0621

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would be nice to have written instructions for placement and how to use. I had to look at the pic to see how and where to put it.

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Low Profile Sacroiliac Joint Belt

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