Cyberspine Cervical Orthosis Neck Brace C-Spine Collar

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The Cybertech Cervical Orthosis is a cervical collar with a unique aluminum multi-post yoked anterior adjustment system which allows for complete linear adjustability and cervical spine immobilization with unique adjustment pull tabs. The multi-post yoked design accommodates the passage of tracheotomy facilitation.
Detailed Description

Cyberspine Cervical Brace

This unique neck brace incorporates a completely adjustable spine immobilization for each patient’s individual needs. The adjustable pull tabs located on the support allow for amazing flexion, extension, neutral positioning and immobilization.

It is important to get the correct treatment with a serious injury to the neck or spine. This brace incorporates the neck care and posture necessary to heal quickly and effectively.

Features of this Cervical Spine Immobilizer

  • Aluminum anterior design contains the passage for surgery opening up the windpipe.
  • The design of the chin support allows for customization for the best comfort and stabilization of the cervical neck.
  • The adjustable aluminum spine element is covered by a molded component that is capable of being used in work and job situations. Also allows for complete customization and total consistency in relation to the neck arch formations.

Uses for this C-Spine Neck Brace

Unlike other forms of neck or back support or a normal back brace, the Cyberspine Cervical works to alleviate neck pain and back pain caused by an injury to the targeted area. For more information of neck braces and spinal conditions see all of BraceAbility's head and neck braces.

  • Works great with post-operative immobilization of the cervical neck and spine.
  • Post trauma or other injuries to the spinal column are comforted and stabilized by this brace.
  • Arthritis can leave a person in pain and incapable of normal movement. The Cyberspine Cervical brace keeps the spine and targeted area in need of care immobilized and pain free.
  • Helps prevent the pain and discomfort from narrowing of the spinal column that puts pressure on the spinal cord and can affect the nerves in the spine.
  • Helps fight sudden sharp pains that would be described as neck discomfort and back pain.
  • MRI compatible design for increased ventilation and comfort while being easily applied and removed.
  • Latex free liner adds comfort and better protection from contact with other objects.

Sizing Chart

SizeMid-Neck Circumference (Point A)Tip of Chin to Sternal Notch (Point B)
S/M11" - 15"2.5" - 4"
L/XL15" - 20"3.25" - 5.25"
Measure the circumference around the middle of your neck (Point A), and the distance from the tip of your chin to your sternal notch (Point B) in inches.

Additional Information

L Code: L0180

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Cyberspine Cervical Orthosis Neck Brace C-Spine Collar

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