COOLMAX Body Sock Compression Tank Top

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The Cybertech COOLMAX Body Sock is a seamless compression tank top which provides skin protection and comfort while supporting the torso. This torso body sock is great for athletes who need a compression undershirt with the body support of Cybertech braces.
Detailed Description

A Torso Body Sock from Cybertech Medical

The COOLMAX Body Sock is a unique and popular product at BraceAility from Cybertech that can enhance the performance of any of our Cybertech back braces while providing moisture wicking and compression technology which any active wearer needs. At the low price of $37.99, you can have the best skin care with this body sock.

Caring for your Skin with Compression Tank Tops

  • Cybertech braces are built for injuries and for comfort, and the Body Sock was designed to provide the extra comfort between the brace and the patient’s skin.
  • This compression body brace is designed for patients with back problems in need of the braces with the chair back designs to add the extra comfort. It is also designed for patients wearing braces in a humid area with its breathability and ability to prevent the buildup of moisture.
  • Stretchable fabric forms to the body to fit in any brace and keeps the Body Sock wrinkle free to provide the care other skin care products cannot.

A Compression Undershirt Like no Other

This body sock compression brace works great with the LSO and TLSO Cybertech Braces, but is useful whether it’s a brace for the spine or a simple back injury. Back problems need back support and skincare is a part of that process. Cybertech and BraceAbility want you as a customer and patient to be as comfortable as possible during the healing process or when simply wearing a brace. That is why the Body Sock is here and low priced for all customers.

Features and Benefits of the Body Sock Compression Undershirt:

  • The Original Protective Body Sock
  • Provides skin protection and comfort
  • Seamless
  • Virtually wrinkle free
  • Two way stretch
  • CoolMax® and X-Static® fibers wick moisture to keep skin dry

Sizing Chart

SizeWidthLengthFits Waist Circumference
Medium8"16"18" - 24"
Large10"20"22" - 30"
X-Large12"24"26" - 38"
All measurements taken in inches

Additional Information

L Code: L0984

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COOLMAX Body Sock Compression Tank Top

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