Corflex Ulnar Fracture Splint

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The Corflex Ulnar Splint is designed for ulnar fractures with its secure fit and comfortable lining. This ulnar fracture splint allows a full range of motion to the wrist and elbow for the best patient usability.
Detailed Description

The Corflex Ulnar Splint for a Distal Ulnar Fracture

This splint is for a distal ulnar fracture, a portion of the ulna that is much more difficult to break unless struck directly with an object due its positioning further from the elbow. The ulna is the smaller bone in your forearm that runs from the elbow to the wrist. If you suspect that you have an ulnar fracture, this ulnar splint is the wrist brace support for you, and you should also contact a doctor to make sure that it is a fracture to the ulna bone. Contact pressure is the main cause of ulnar breaks; if the arm has been struck with or against an object, there is a chance of a fractured ulnar.

An Ulnar Fracture Splint for Distal Ulnar Fracture Symptoms

  • The most obvious and immediate symptom is pain in the area of the fracture.
  • The forearm area will become swollen and tender.
  • The broken ulna bone will move out of position and require an ulnar shaft fracture stay to hold the fractured bone in its correct position.

Features of the Corflex Distal Ulnar Splint for Mid Shaft Fractures

  • Securely fits around the forearm and wrist area for the best compression and support for the fractured bone.
  • Allows full movement of the wrist joint and elbow which is connected to the ulna bone.
  • A durable splint for ulnar fracture to ensure protection and proper recovery.
  • Soft foam lining on the inside of the ulnar support comforts and stabilizes the painful injury.
  • Sizing Chart

    Small7" - 9"6" - 7"
    Medium9" - 11"7" - 8"
    Large11" - 13"8" - 9"
    X-Large13" - 15"9" - 10"
    Measurements taken from widest part of forearm and above wrist

    Additional Information

    L Code: L3982

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Corflex Ulnar Fracture Splint

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