Short Sarmiento Humeral Fracture Brace

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The Corflex Mid Length Humeral Splint was designed to increase patient comfort. This 10" shortened humerus splint was created for patients who wanted a shorter humeral fracture splint. See our extended length 13" long sarmiento splint.
Detailed Description

The Unique Corflex Mid Length Humeral Splint for Humeral Fractures

Corflex is one of the best medical brace companies in the world today, and this arm support proves their dedication to patient comfort. After receiving negative feedback from patients concerning the similar Corflex Extended Humeral Splint, it became apparent that many users found the added distal portion of the brace to be a hindrance and were shortening it themselves. Corflex created this mid length splint for humeral fractures to accommodate those patients who find the extended form to be uncomfortable.

A Diaphyseal Fracture Stay for Different Arm Injuries

  • Great for a diaphyseal humeral fracture to the mid-shaft of the humerus bone.
  • Deep bone bruising in the upper arm is comforted and supported.
  • Minor injuries to the deltoid muscle that make up the roundness of the shoulder is stabilized and recovered properly.

A Midshaft Humeral Fracture Splint for Humerus Protection and Comfort

It is important to see a doctor to determine if the pain filled upper arm is a deep bone bruise or a fractured bone. A humeral splint will likely be recommended since a humeral bone fracture commonly doesn’t become displaced enough to require surgery. Protection from further injury and comfort are two of the main elements of this mid length splint that aid in the best recovery possible.

Features of the Corflex Mid Length Humeral Splint

  • Incorporates a polyethylene design for durable protection and compression to the arm.
  • This arm splint is designed with an added deltoid cap at the shoulder area for upper arm protection and to prevent slipping and discomfort.
  • Like the extended version, there are three adjustable straps for the best fit and compression.
  • Comfortable foam interior adds support and relief to the arm.
  • The rigid brace support is hand washable.
  • Two added stockinettes are included to be worn under the brace for added comfort.
  • 10 inches long

Sizing Chart

X-Small7" - 9"6" - 7"
Small9" - 11"7" - 9"
Medium11" - 13"9" - 11"
Large13" - 15"11" - 13"
X-Large15" - 17"13" - 15"
2X-Large17" - 19"15" - 17"
Measurement taken at the widest part of the bicep (Proximal) and above the elbow (Distal)

Additional Information

L Code: L3980

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Short Sarmiento Humeral Fracture Brace

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