Corflex Kids Soft Pediatric Neck Brace Collar

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This kids’ neck brace is anatomically contoured so that your child is as comfortable as he or she recovers from a neck injury such as sprain or whiplash. The soft cervical collar is made of foam and covered with soft cotton stockinette. For larger sizes, check out the adult version of this neck collar. 

Detailed Description

Comfortable Kids’ Neck Brace

This simple pediatric neck collar features a simple design that is effective as well as comfortable. The medium firm density foam of which this child neck brace in constructed is anatomically contoured to fit the body. The cervical collar for children limits the motion of the neck and supports it. This makes it well suited for treating the following conditions:

  • Whiplash
  • Neck sprain or strain
  • Degenerated disc disease
  • Cervical facet syndrome
  • Discogenic pain

Soft, cotton stockinette material covers this collar for kids’ neck sprain treatment, making it comfortable against the skin. The collar for whiplash treatment for kids can be easily secured via a 2” contact closure. The thick closure means one need not worry about the brace coming unhooked. 

And because this is a child-size neck support you do not have to worry about an improper fit that does not properly immobilize the neck and leaves the user uncomfortable. See more neck collar options.

Another great “feature” of this brace is the sub-$20 price tag­—talk about affordable!

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Soft Cervical Collar for Pediatric Neck Injuries

A child might strain his or her neck doing a number of “everyday” activities, such as playing a sport, reading a book, sleeping in an awkward position or carrying a backpack. In such instances, pediatric neck pain can typically be eased by taking pain killers, applying cold or heat therapy, wearing a foam neck collar at night and engaging in neck stretches.

A major strain which might occur during a rear-end car accident where the head moves forcefully backward then forward, pushing the ligaments and muscles past their normal range of motion might require immobilization of the neck for multi-hour stretches throughout the day in addition to at night via a pediatric neck brace. Besides the aforementioned methods for easing a child’s neck pain, a doctor might also recommend prescription pain killers, muscle relaxants, injections or manual therapy to reduce pain and promote healing.

A damaged vertebral disc can also cause a child pain. Wearing a neck brace for kids can help ease discogenic pain and allow healing to take place. Medications, steroid injections, posture improvement and certain exercises may also help.

Comfortable and Affordable Pediatric Neck Collar

This neck collar for children helps get your child on the mend as quickly as possible. Following are some of its selling points:

  • Anatomically contoured
  • Medium-density foam
  • Covered in soft, cotton stockinette material
  • Treats sprains or strains of the neck, including whiplash; can also help with discogenic pain, degenerated disc disease and cervical facet syndrome
  • 2” contact closure for secure application
  • Neutral white color
  • Comes in multiple sizes
  • Sizing: Measure the circumference of your child's neck at his or her Adam's apple. 2XS fits 10"-13" circumference, XS fits 13"-16". Both sizes are 2" in height. For larger sizes, see our Adult Soft Neck Collar.

Sizing Chart

SizeNeck Brace Height (see image above)Neck Circumference (see image above)
2XS2"10" - 13"
XS2"13" - 16"
Measurement taken from circumference of the neck at “Adams apple”

Additional Information

L Code: L-0120

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Corflex Kids Soft Pediatric Neck Brace Collar

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