Corflex Wrist Hand Orthosis Fracture Splint

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The Corflex Wrist Hand Orthosis is a simple and effective wrist immobilizer that is anatomically designed to fit the individual shape of the wrist and hand for the best comfort and wrist immobilization.
Detailed Description

Features of the Corflex Wrist Hand Orthosis for Metacarpal Fractures

This wrist hand brace is similar to the Corflex Wrist Hand Thumb Orthosis but leaves the thumb free to grasp and hold items for the best patient usability.

  • This Corflex hand wrist brace fits comfortably to the shape of the wrist and hand for the best wrist stabilization.
  • Designed with a durable polyethylene shell to protect the hand, wrist, and forearm from further injury.
  • A hand splint that incorporates a soft foam lining with two stockinette undersleeves included for added comfort.
  • For the best comfort, first apply the wrist sleeve and then slide the splint for hand over the thumb and wrist.

The Corflex Hand Wrist Orthosis for Wrist Rehabilitation

This is a great wrist immobilizer for postoperative wrist rehabilitation whether it is a forearm fracture or a wrist joint injury. The wrist can be stiff and prone to further injury after surgery is performed, and this wrist stay comforts and protects the area where the operation takes place. Even if wrist arthroscopy was used—with just a small incision—there could be painful symptoms that require further wrist support.

A Corflex Hand and Wrist Brace Ideal for Metacarpal Fractures

  • Indicated for minor metacarpal fractures. The metacarpal bones are the five bones in the hand, and when fractured can be extremely painful and hinder patients from performing daily tasks. This hand immobilizer comforts and stabilizes this area to aid in the recovery process.
  • The extra length added to this wrist orthotic provides immobilization to the wrist and forearm area. This provides comfortable stabilization for minor forearm fractures and injuries.

A Unique Corflex Metacarpal Fracture Brace for Post-Cast Removal

This hand support brace is a great support after a cast is removed for the best recovery. The recovery process can be long and painful and it is important to have a proper hand stay like the Corflex Wrist Hand Orthosis for comfort and stabilization. This wrist stay also acts as a cast substitute for longer use in some situations.

Sizing Chart

SizeWrist Circumference in Inches
X-Small5" - 6"
Small6" - 7"
Medium7" - 8"
Large8" - 9"
X-Large9" - 10"
Measurement taken from wrist circumference

Additional Information

L Code: L3807

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Corflex Wrist Hand Orthosis Fracture Splint

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