Ambu Perfit Rigid Adjustable Cervical Extrication Collar

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This one-piece hard cervical collar holds the cervical spine in neutral alignment by preventing any lateral sway (side-to-side) or anterior/posterior flexion and extension of it, as needed for a number of emergency extrication situations. This is the only one-piece rigid cervical collar with 16 settings for a precise, customized fit. The extrication collar has a number of other convenient properties, such as a chin-flip feature for flat storage and airway management and a nasal cannula tubing holder. 

Detailed Description

Ambu Perfit Hard Cervical Collar

This Ambu Perfit ACE extrication collar is unparalleled when it comes to attention to detail and function. One of its most notable features is the 16 size settings one can easily adjust it to. The comprehensive sizing system means this adjustable cervical collar can fit just about any adult—and fit the patient well. This compares to alternatives such as the stifneck extrication collar that has just four size settings.  

The hard neck brace has latches that enable an EMT to size it precisely to the victim’s neck using the handy sizing line. Once this has been done, the responder can simply lock the two safety buttons of this universal cervical collar in place. A contact closure secures the collar.

The foam and plastic neck brace has a chin flip feature that helps with airway management. This might be needed if an EMT or trauma unit is trying to intubate or remove vomit from the patient’s mouth. This component of the hard neck collar is pre-shaped to fit the chin. It also enables this surgical collar to be stored flat, which is particularly appealing for the close quarters of an ambulance.

A wide opening at the throat provides easy access to the trachea and pulse, as well. The orthopedic neck brace also has a convenient nasal cannula tubing holder support.

The surgical neck brace is radio translucent, meaning it can be worn during CAT, MRI or X-ray scans. Since the goal is to move the cervical spine as little as possible, this is an especially important quality.

The posterior shell of the ambu perfit collar is ventilated, which aids in user comfort and allows for fluid drainage. The plastic neck collar is lined with foam material that also makes it a more comfortable support.

The ambu collar is latex free, so it is safe for those with allergies to the material.

The one-piece rigid c collar can be disposed of after use. And the low price tag of our extrication collars means replacements are affordable.

Using an Extrication Collar

Extrication collars are an important component of an emergency extrication procedure after a car accident, for example, and they play an important role when transporting the patient or for routine patient care and movement. This ambu perfit neck collar effectively immobilizes the cervical spine while not disrupting other possible medical procedures.

But proper usage is important to the effectiveness of such rigid extrication collars. Proper application will require the hands of two rescuers. One responder should maintain stabilization and neutral alignment of the head and neck by grasping the head with a spread-finger technique.

The second rescuer should slide the front of the collar along the patient’s chest and position the chin component. The collar should rest on the top of the patients shoulder against the sternum with no gaps. The chin should be secure in neutral alignment against the chin piece. The next step is to adjust the Velcro tab by holding the front cutout of the collar and tightening the strap.

In terms of collar sizing, that should be adjusted as per one’s local protocol. The 16 sizes within four standard adult settings (neckless, short, regular and tall) mean one should have no trouble finding an accurate fit. Besides the obvious convenience of this, an EMT or other medical emergency personnel will also appreciate the cost and space savings a universal extrication collar provides.

The attention to function with which this rigid collar for the neck is designed helps it stand out from other stiff neck collars. From the oversized trachea hole that allows easy access to this area of the throat and pulse to the chin flip feature for airway management and compact storage to the nasal cannula holder and the ventilated back component for drainage, this rigid extrication collar is well-equipped for use in ambulances, trauma units, ERs and more. 

Its function extends to use at the hospital as well. This universal extrication collar can be worn during procedures such as an MRI, CAT scan or x-ray.

Key Features of Ambu Perfit Rigid Cervical Collar

There are a number of reasons this hard collar for the neck is well suited for emergency extrication procedures. Following is a list detailing its key features:

  • Ambu perfit neck brace holds the spine in neutral alignment
  • Plastic cervical collar prevents lateral sway and anterior/posterior flexion and extension
  • One-piece hard neck brace stores flat
  • Orthopedic cervical brace has 16 precise settings for a customized fit
  • Surgical neck brace comes with a convenient sizing line
  • Universal sizing allows for inventory reduction
  • Orthopedic neck support is constructed of rigid plastic and lightweight, comfortable foam
  • Flip chin piece of the hard c collar is convenient for airway management, such as if intubation or vomit removal is needed
  • Chin component of this plastic cervical collar is anatomically molded
  • Oversized opening at the throat for easy access to the trachea and pulse
  • Posterior component of this collar by ambu perfit is ventilated, allowing fluid drainage
  • Latches that allow exact sizing of the extrication collars for emergencies
  • Universal extrication collar fits any adult
  • Two safety lock buttons of the surgical neck sold hold collar in place as adjusted
  • Velcro closures for quick and easy application
  • Neck brace for x-rays, CAT scans or MRIs
  • Stiff cervical collar includes a nasal cannula tubing holder
  • Latex free hard neck collar
  • Disposable neck collar for emergencies should be thrown away after use on a patient
  • NOTE: Extrication collars should only be applied by a healthcare professional

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Universal - One Size Fits All

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L Code: L-0140

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Ambu Perfit Rigid Adjustable Cervical Extrication Collar

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