Figure 8 Collarbone Brace for Broken/Injured Collar Bone

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This figure 8 collarbone brace is ideal for treating and healing broken or injured collar bones. Broken collarbone treatment can be extremely painful, and this collarbone brace has a comfortable fit with easy application for your convenience.

Detailed Description

About the Collarbone Brace

BraceAbility’s broken collarbone brace is designed to treat and accelerate the healing process for broken, injured, or fractured collarbones. The collarbone brace has a figure 8 style with padded shoulders, making it a comfortable fit with easy application. The collarbone brace is available in sizes XS through XL, fitting chest circumferences of 20” to 48”. For smaller sizes, children’s collarbone braces are also available.

Applying the Collarbone Brace

  • Unfold the collarbone brace and lay it flat. Unhook the Velcro closures on the ends of both straps
  • Insert the end of the right strap through the right side of the plastic triangle buckle and close the Velcro
  • Repeat the second step for the left strap. The brace should then appear in a figure 8 shape
  • Put the brace on like you would a backpack. The triangle buckle should point downward once applied

Washing Instructions for the Collarbone Brace

The collarbone brace is very easy to wash. All Velco closures should be closed tightly when washed. Hand wash the brace in warm water with mild soap. The collarbone brace should then be air dried. It's advised not to use high temperatures to wash or dry the brace.

Sizing Chart

SizeChest Circumference
XS20" - 24"
S24" - 30"
M30" - 36"
L36" - 42"
XL42" - 48"
Measurement point: Measure the circumference of your chest at the bottom of your sternum.

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Figure 8 Collarbone Brace for Broken/Injured Collar Bone

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