Feb 28, 2015

BraceAbility Clavicle Splint & Broken Collar Bone Brace

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List Price: $49.99
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Quick Overview

This clavicle splint is an affordable and comfortable splint for treatment of clavicle fracture injuries as well as poor posture. The clavicle fracture brace features wide padding in areas that the straps and buckles of the brace might come in contact with the skin to prevent any irritation. For smaller sizes, see our kid's clavicle brace

BraceAbility Clavicle Splint & Broken Collar Bone Brace

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Clavicle Splint for Support and Immobilization

This clavicle fracture brace is a versatile one in that it can also be used as a posture control brace back support. This treatment for clavicle fracture injuries can hold the shoulder area in such a way that the collarbone has a chance to heal, or it can hold the shoulders back so that the body relearns to hold itself in an upright rather than a slouched manner.

This treatment for clavicle fracture injuries and posture minimizes any discomfort associated with use of a back or shoulder brace. Wide padding shields the skin from the straps of this shoulder splint and a felt back pad prevents any irritation where the straps meet and the tooth buckle closure is located. This felt padding is covered in knitted stockinette material.

A tooth buckle closure ensures that one can achieve a tight fit of the straps that ensures the brace will not slide about once it has been adjusted.  Adjusting the tightness is also simple thanks to this closure.

The brace for treating clavicle fractures is also free of latex so that those with allergies to that material can use it.

Treatment for Clavicle Fracture & Broken Collar Bone

The figure-8 design of this splint for clavicle fracture treatment holds the shoulders in a retracted position, which helps keep the clavicle bone in alignment as it heals. It also gives this area of the body a rest. An arm or shoulder sling is another option for immobilizing the clavicle area. 

The success of such figure-8 clavicle supports hinges upon them fitting correctly. For this reason, the adjustable tooth buckle closure this BraceAbility clavicle support is beneficial.

The retraction of the shoulders that this clavicle brace promotes is also why it works well as a back support for posture. Wearing a posture control brace to hold the shoulders back can retrain the muscles to hold the back in a proper position. The brace also serves as a reminder to stand or sit up straight. Take a look at our other posture braces

But wearing a posture support should not be a long-term solution; wearing one for an extended period can actually cause the muscles to weaken. Engaging in strength and range-of-motion exercises should be part of any long-term solution to poor posture.

Posture Control Brace Back Support Features

This shoulder support has a number of elements that make it a popular choice among BraceAbility’s clavicle brace products. These include:

  • Wide padding to prevent irritation
  • Felt back pad
  • Stockinette-covered felt
  • Tooth buckle closure for a secure fit and easy adjustment
  • Latex-free material
  • Low-profile design
  • Treats poor posture and clavicle fractures
  • Affordable price
  • Fits chest circumferences 24” to 48”
  • Also available as a children’s clavicle brace.
Name BraceAbility Clavicle Splint & Broken Collar Bone Brace
SKU TLC-0814122X

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Chest circumference24" - 30"30" - 36"36" - 42"42" - 48"
Measure the circumference of your chest, at the bottom of your sternum.