Kid's Clavicle Support Brace for Collarbone Injuries in Children

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This clavicle splint is an affordable and comfortable splint for treatment of clavicle fracture injuries as well as poor posture. The clavicle fracture brace features wide padding in areas that the straps and buckles of the brace might come in contact with the skin to prevent any irritation. For smaller sizes, see our kid's clavicle brace

Detailed Description

Figure-8 Clavicle Strap for Posture and Collarbone Fractures

Treatment of a clavicle (collar) bone fracture focuses on immobilizing the collarbone so that further injury does not occur and healing can take place.

This clavicle support brace features figure-8 straps that hold back the shoulders. This simple method is an effective clavicle immobilizer. The shoulder-back posture such clavicle braces encourage also makes this an ideal clavicle posture support. The clavicle figure-8 brace prevents one from slouching and can help the body relearn to hold itself in proper alignment.

Unlike some clavicle supports, the straps of this clavicle support for posture will not loosen as one goes about his or her day thanks to a tooth-buckle closure that tightly secures the strap.

And wearing this support for a clavicle bone fracture is not an uncomfortable or cumbersome experience. The sling for clavicle fractures or poor posture features wide padding that shields the skin from the straps where they cross over the shoulders and beneath the arms. Also for user-comfort, there is a felt pad covered in stockinette material at the back where the figure-eight straps merge and are secured via the buckle closure. The stockinette material is knitted, breathable and soft against one’s skin.

The length of the straps can be adjusted for one’s shoulder immobilization needs simply by using this buckle. Plus the brace for broken clavicle/collarbone injuries comes in several sizes that fit a variety of chest circumferences.

The sling for clavicle fracture care is low-profile, white and lightweight so it fits comfortably and discreetly beneath one’s clothes.

The brace for treating clavicle fractures is also free of latex so that those with allergies to that material can use it.

Clavicle Support for Collarbone Fractures and Poor Posture

The clavicle, also known as a collarbone, is an important connective feature of the body, as it links the arm to the body. Fractures to this long, thin bone are common among people of all ages (including children—check out our child-size clavicle back brace). They are typically caused by either a blow to the shoulder or via a fall onto an outstretched arm.

Besides pain, one might experience a sagging shoulder, a grinding sensation when trying to raise the arm, a visible bump over the break area, bruising and swelling and trouble moving the arm when a clavicle bone is broken.

The figure-eight brace clavicle immobilizer can help with one of the most important steps of treatment—protecting the collarbone from further injury and keeping it still so that healing can occur. Wearing an arm sling for clavicle fractures can also help reduce a patient’s pain.

If one’s bones did not shift out of place and still line up correctly, surgery will not likely be necessary. If that is not the case, one may need to go under the knife to align the bones and hold them in position as they heal. In either case, one will likely need to wear a clavicle shoulder brace or some other post-surgery shoulder immobilizer during the recovery process.

The success of such figure-8 clavicle supports hinges upon them fitting correctly. For this reason, the fact that the straps of this BraceAbility clavicle support can be adjusted using the tooth buckle closure is beneficial.

The shoulder retraction that the clavicle straps encourage also makes this an effective clavicle posture brace. Wearing a posture aid clavicle brace that holds the shoulders back can retrain the muscles to hold the back in a proper position. Plus it also serves as a reminder to stand or sit up straight. Take a look at our other posture braces.

But wearing a posture support should not be a long-term solution; wearing one for an extended period can actually cause the muscles to weaken. Engaging in strength and range-of-motion exercises should be part of any long-term solution to poor posture.

Features of BraceAbility Clavicle Splint

This clavicle back brace has a number of elements that make it a popular choice when it comes to addressing poor posture or treating a clavicle fracture—with or without surgery. Following is a breakdown of its features:

  • Clavicle orthotic holds the shoulder in retracted position, immobilizing the collarbone and promoting good posture
  • Wide padding of shoulder retraction brace prevents straps from irritating skin
  • Felt back pad shields body from buckle where the shoulder straps merge
  • Felt pad covered in knitted stockinette that is breathable and soft
  • Tooth buckle closure for a secure fit and easy adjustment
  • Low-profile shoulder brace is comfortable and fits beneath clothes
  • Treats poor posture and clavicle (collarbone) fractures
  • A quality clavicle fracture brace at a cheap price
  • Color: White
  • Latex-free broken collarbone treatment
  • Sizes for all ages, ranging from infants to adults.
    • 2XS: 15" - 20"
    • XS: 20" - 24"
    • Small: 24”-30”
    • Medium: 30”-36”
    • Large 36”-42”
    • XL: 42”48”

Sizing Chart

SizeChest Circumference
2XS (Infant)15" - 20"
XS (Child)20" - 24"
S24" - 30"
M30" - 36"
L36" - 42"
XL42" - 48"
Measure the circumference around your chest at the bottom of your sternum, in inches

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Kid's Clavicle Support Brace for Collarbone Injuries in Children

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