Bauerfeind ValguLoc Bunion Regulator

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Bauerfeind ValguLoc Bunion Regulator
Detailed Description

Bauerfeind ValguLoc provides excellent bunion relief while you sleep. Slip on at nighttime and experience remarkable relief from the pain and nagging discomfort of bunions. While you sleep tight tendons and muscles stretch giving you comfort and relief. It relieves bunion pressure and provides superior support that wonメt slip or move about. The plastic brace secures your toe in place, while soft foam surrounds the tender area. Adjust the pad to provide the most protection where needed and secure in place with the Velcro strap.

  • Counteracts big toe misalignment by constantly stretching the soft tissues and joint capsule of the foot
  • Big toe is gradually brought into correct alignment through the application of gentle forces
  • Velcro fastening allows for variable adjustment of the correction pressure
  • Assists with realignment or stabilization of the big toe
  • Anatomically contoured, thin, lightweight design ensures maximum comfort and convenience
  • Great for nighttime use. Wear without a shoe. Not suitable for walking
  • Latex-free construction and hypoallergenic foam material eliminates skin irritation
  • Not recommended for those with diabetes
  • Easy to clean with soap and warm water
Can be used to help with:
  • Bunions ヨ conservative and postoperative
  • Turf-toe
  • Realignment of the big toe
  • Stabilization of the big toe
  • Hallux valgus - conservative and postoperative

Sizing Chart

Men - U.S. Shoe Size3 ½-4 ½5-7 ½8-12
Women - U.S. Shoe Size5-66 ½-99 ½-14

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Bauerfeind ValguLoc Bunion Regulator

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