Tall Air Cast Post-Op Foot & Ankle Immobilizer Boot

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This tall pneumatic walking boot immobilizes the foot and ankle and features an air pump that is easy to inflate and deflate on your own to provide a customized level of compression to your leg and foot.

Detailed Description

Aircast Immobilizer Walking Boot

This walking cast boot immobilizes the foot and ankle using the durable upright struts and adjustable air cells. Users are able to customize the immobilizer boot to fit to their leg for their needed compression and support. The upright struts, made of polymer, help to better mold the walker boot to the leg. The polymer material is both durable and viscoelastic ensuring the best fit for all users.

The foot and ankle immobilizer boot is tall which helps to better support and protect the foot from any further damage. Adjustable air cells, located on the pneumatic walker boot allows you to inflate and deflate the boot for your choice of stability and compression. The walking cast boot has five Velcro straps across the calf, ankle and foot making it easy to adjust, apply and remove.

The frame of the foot boot is rocker style and low profile which helps users walk more natural than if they had a bulky brace. A soft liner makes up the inside of the walking boot splint providing comfort and keeps the frame of the brace from irritating the skin.  Plus, the heel of the high-top boot is cushioned making it more comfortable to wear when being active. Included with the foot immobilizer is pads to take up excess space in the boot. The wide footbed of the walking boot can be easily adjusted due to the Velcro closures making it fit the user's own comfort needs.

BraceAbility offers many immobilizer knee braces to fit users needs.

Ankle and Foot Walking Cast

The high-top aircast foot and ankle immobilizer comes in sizes S - XL and can be worn on the right or left foot. For both men and women, this aircast brace is black in color and helps greatly to compress your leg and foot to ease pain. To apply, start by taking the liner out of the boot and place your foot inside the liner. Fasten the liner snugly with the Velcro closures, starting with the bottom. If needed you can put the extra pads in for extra comfort. Next, place the wrapped foot into the walker. You may need to pull the upright structures outward in order to get your foot in the boot. Then fasten all the straps, starting at the bottom and firmly securing them. To adjust the aircell pressure, push the bulb to inflate, and lift the cap below the bulb and push the button to deflate.

The immobilizer walking boot can help treat injuries and pains in the ankle and foot region. There are many common foot problems that one may experience in their life. The aircast foot boot, and many other BraceAbility braces, can help with indications such as ankle sprains, stable foot and ankle fractures, trauma, post-operative and rehab. This high-top brace is ideal for protecting, supporting and applying compression to the foot and ankle while also being able to stay mobile.

Tall Aircast Foot and Ankle Boot Features

  • Immobilizes the foot and ankle
  • High-top design
  • Comfortable and low-profile fit
  • Adjustable air technology
  • Durable upright struts
  • Compression, support and protection
  • Polymer material - molds to leg
  • Easily adjusted, removed and applied
  • Durable and viscoelastic
  • Rocker style bottom frame
  • Velcro straps
  • Soft liner with extra padded inserts
  • Indicated for ankle sprains and strains, fractures, post op and rehab
  • Color: black
  • Used for both right/left foot
  • Male and female sizes S - XL 

Sizing Chart

Men's US Shoe Size 5 - 8.5 9 - 11 11.5 - 13 13.5+
Women's US Shoe Size 4 - 7 7.5 - 10 10.5 - 12 12.5+
Measured by U.S. Shoe Sizes. Padded inserts are included which allow you to fill in extra room inside the boot.

Additional Information

L Code: L4360

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Tall Air Cast Post-Op Foot & Ankle Immobilizer Boot

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