Mar 29, 2015

Bort StellaFix P Basal Thumb Joint Pain Treatment Splint

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List Price: $134.99
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Quick Overview

The Bort StellaFix P thumb joint pain treatment is a unique thumb brace among the other Bort StellaFix thumb braces for its ability to support the interphalangeal joint in the thumb. With added support to the basal thumb joint, this Bort thumb splint effectively immobilizes and comforts the thumb injury.

The Bort StellaFix P for Interphalangeal Joint Pain

The Bort StellaFix P has an extended thumb tube that covers any distal interphalangeal joint injury and any proximal interphalangeal joint injury. The distal thumb is the tip of the thumb but the StellaFix P effectively covers all joints of the thumb for the best support. Thumb interphalangeal joint pain can be serious and needs immobilization and support to be properly healed.

Features of the Bort StellaFix P for Basal Thumb Joint Pain Treatment

  • Extended thumb splint with a Velcro strap to immobilize the interphalangeal joint.
  • Can be customized and reshaped with a hairdryer and scissors.
  • Both padded Velcro straps allow this thumb hand immobilizer to be adjustable around the distal interphalangeal joint and wrist.
  • The thumb joint support is lined with textile flocking.
  • Added ventilation from perforations in the material of the thumb brace.

A Thumb Brace for Arthritis in the Metacarpophalangeal Joint 

  • Although the Bort StellaFix P thumb support is meant for the thumb interphalangeal joint, it also works to immobilize the metacarpophalangeal joint in the thumb. This is classified as a sign of Rheumatoid arthritis, making this thumb splint an ideal thumb arthritis brace.
  • Supports the thumb saddle joint located at the base of the thumb that is the main source of irritation for many thumb injuries.

De Quervain Syndrome and Tendonitis in the Thumb

Dequervain syndrome is an irritation to the ligaments and tendons of the thumb that run to the wrist. The StellaFix P immobilizes the source of the injury in the thumb and allows the irritated area to heal and recover properly. De Quervain s tendonitis syndrome is serious and can cause pain in the tendons at the base of the thumb that hinders people from performing their normal daily activities without a thumb joint brace. 

  • Color: beige
Name Bort StellaFix P Basal Thumb Joint Pain Treatment Splint
SKU BOR-112-900

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