Bort SellaTex Wrist Spica and Thumb Fracture Splint

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If you’re looking for a wrist thumb splint that stabilizes the thumb and wrist joints, then the Bort SellaTex is the perfect hand and finger brace for you. The Bort SellaTex thumb splint is a rigid yet comfortable brace for thumb injuries to the ulnar collateral ligament. For smaller sizes, see the Bort SellaTex Pediatric Wrist Splint
Detailed Description

The Bort SellaTex for Ulnar and Radial Collateral Ligament Thumb Injuries

Radial ligament injuries are common to the thumb and can cause pain in pinch movements of the fingers. In severe cases an injured thumb radial ligament may need surgery, but either way the StellaTex is very useful. It provides the recovery elements necessary to stabilize and heal a mild injury or the side effects of post surgery.

The StellaTex and Thumb Arthritis in the Thumb Joints

Arthritis is very common in the thumb and can cause severe pain that needs to be immobilized and rested in order to heal. There are two major joints that this Bort hand brace effectively stabilizes.

  • The thumb saddle joint.
  • The metacarpophalangeal joint.

These joints provide the extension and flexion of the thumb, so it is easy to understand why arthritis to these particular joints can cause pain in the thumb.

Features of the Bort StellaTex Brace for Thumb Fractures

  • This is a rigid support that surrounds the thumb with a comfortable and protective finger support.
  • Although this hand brace for arthritis is rigid, it is also comfortable and breathable.
  • There is both a volar splint and dorsal splint in the wrist stabilizer to support the wrist and the metacarpus. Since arthritis and other injuries to the hand and thumb can affect the wrist, it is important to provide wrist stabilization for the best recovery possible.
  • There are Stabilo bands around the wrist and the thumb splint for additional stabilization.
  • 7.9 inches (20 cm) long

The Bort StellaTex Wrist Thumb Splint - Ideal for many Thumb Injuries

  • If a broken thumb has occurred, or any level of thumb fracture, this broken hand splint is ideal for the proper immobilization of the entire injured area, including the wrist.
  • Ulnar and radial thumb ligament injuries.
  • Any incorrect movements that may cause more pain are immobilized and prevented.
  • Along with thumb fractures, reconstructed ligaments are also protected and stabilized.
  • A comfortable rigid hand support brace for arthritis in the joints of the thumb.
  • Breathable material provides optimum comfort
  • Volar and dorsal splint for stabilizing the wrist and metacarpus
  • Stabilo band to ensure optimum stabilization of the wrist and dorsal thumb splint for additional stabilization of the thumb
  • Color: gray
  • SIZING: Measure wrist circumference. XS (5"-6"), S (6"-6.75"), M (6.75"-7.5"), L (7.5"-8.25"), XL (8.25"-9")

Sizing Chart

SizeCircumference of Wrist
X-SmallUp to 6"
Small6" - 6.75"
Medium6.75" - 7.5"
Large7.5" - 8.25
X-Large8.25" - 9"
Measurement point: Circumference of wrist proximal to styloideus. (see image above)

Additional Information

L Code: L3908

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Bort SellaTex Wrist Spica and Thumb Fracture Splint

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