Bort Dorsal & Radial Nerve Palsy Wrist Splint

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This radial nerve brace is ideal for treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) and radial nerve palsy, both of which compromise the function of the hand. This CTS/radial nerve palsy splint supports the wrist and maintains the hand’s ability to grip objects, a function without which many would struggle immensely. 

Detailed Description

Median and Radial Nerve Hand Brace

Carpal tunnel syndrome involves pressure being placed on the median nerve as it moves through the carpal tunnel of the wrist. A radial nerve injury refers to pressure or damage to that nerve. But radial nerve palsy can be caused by a number of things at a numerous of places along the arm.

Some potential causes of radial nerve injury include breaks to the humerus (upper arm) bone, elbow dislocation, long-term constriction of the wrist or pressure on the upper arm. Certain diseases such as diabetes or kidney disease can also lead to radial nerve palsy.

The radial nerve controls the ability of the wrist to bend backward, extend the fingers at the metacarpophalangeal joints, and to extend and abduct the thumb. The inability of the wrist to support the hand has led to radial nerve palsy also being referred to as hand drop.

The median nerve impacted by CTS controls feeling for the thumb-side of the hand to the inner half of the ring finger. 

The ulnar nerve provides sensation and movement of the outer half of the ring finger and the pinky as well as the underside of the arm. In contrast to radial nerve injury, ulnar nerve palsy can cause one’s hand to take on a claw-like deformity if unaddressed. BraceAbility also offers ulnar nerve palsy splint products for treating constriction of the ulnar nerve, including elbow braces and hand supports, such as this splint for ulnar nerve injury.

A radial or median nerve palsy splint can help with treatment of both these conditions as it supports and rests the wrist without restricting movement of the fingers. This is important both from a treatment and from a user-comfort standpoint.  (See more carpal tunnel braces.)

Speaking of user-comfort, this splint for CTS and radial nerve palsy treatment is composed of a thermoplastic material whose shape can be customized to an individual. This can be done easily by using a hair dryer at 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

The brace is easy to put on (a key when one’s hand function is compromised). Once on, the textile flocking that lines the support ensures a comfortable fit. An added benefit is that the radial nerve injury splint can be washed.

The low-profile design and neutral beige colors means splinting for radial nerve palsy can be quite discreet.

CTS and Radial Nerve Palsy Treatment

If there is an underlying condition, such as diabetes or alcoholism, treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome and radial nerve palsy starts there. In some instances, surgery may be needed to remove whatever is pressuring the median or radial nerve.

But for instances when inflammation resulting from overuse, trauma, etc. is to blame or while one is awaiting treatment of the underlying issue, treatment involves resting and supporting the wrist via a wrist splint and taking of medication to reduce swelling. In some cases a steroid injection may be helpful. An added benefit is that splinting for carpal tunnel syndrome or injury to the radial nerve can protect against additional external compression.

Splinting the wrist for radial nerve palsy is also important in that it and provides the mechanical harness needed to maintain function of the hand while one awaits the return of nerve function. If this does not occur, the hand will quickly lose strength, range of motion and, ultimately, function. More specifically, this radial nerve injury support prevents the overstretching of the extensor muscle tendon units and joint contractures (extended joint immobility will result in restricted joint motion).

CTS and Radial Nerve Palsy Splint

This radial nerve and carpal tunnel splint is an impressive product both in terms of its ability to reduce symptoms and to encourage normal function of the hand. Plus, it is comfortable to wear. Following is a list of the features that make these things possible:

  • Thermoplastic material that can truly be molded to your body
  • Fit adjustment can easily be made via a hair dryer
  • Available in five sizes fitting wrist circumferences 5 inches to 9 inches
  • Leaves the fingers and thumb free for normal hand motion
  • Supports the wrist so normal motion is possible
  • Retains gripping ability
  • Treats: Carpal tunnel syndrome and radial nerve palsy (AKA, hand drop)
  • Easy application
  • Full lined on the  inside with textile flocking
  • Washable
  • Color: beige


Sizing Chart

Measure wrist circumference. Small fits 5.75" – 6.75" inches

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Bort Dorsal & Radial Nerve Palsy Wrist Splint

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