Bort Pediatric Knee Brace for Kids

This youth knee sleeve features a silicone pad around the knee helps the patella to track as it should, stabilizing the kneecap and relieving pain in the joint. The compressive material of the Bort pediatric knee brace is also great for reducing swelling and discomfort. The kids’ knee brace has many features that optimize it for active use as well.
Detailed Description

High-quality Youth Knee Sleeve

This youth knee support is an effective but comfortable solution for various sources of knee pain among children. It can help with injuries to the soft tissues of the joint, such as strains or sprains, or even those that require surgery to repair.

Following a period of immobilization and time spent in a more heavy duty support, one may even find this kids knee brace helpful after ACL surgery for an added layer of support and compression. The knee brace for youths can help with various other ligament instabilities, such as those of the MCL.

The compression the child-size knee brace applies can help in instances of joint effusion (swelling) as well as in the rare cases of juvenile arthritis of the knee (gonarthrosis). A silicone pad adds a layer of targeted compression and support around the kneecap.

The youth-size knee brace contains a splint on both the inner and outer side of the kneecap. This helps prevent the pediatric knee sleeve from bunching up. Plus it adds a layer of lightweight support against damaging lateral (side-to-side) movements.

The youth knee brace is highly elastic, with a soft region at the back of the knee geared toward making flexing more comfortable.

Also, the 3D knitted material of which the child’s knee pain brace is constructed is breathable, ensuring a comfortable fit.  This material also helps prevent the knee brace for adolescents from sliding down the leg. All of these qualities optimize the little knee brace for use by an active kid.

The sports knee brace for children comes in a bright blue color with orange stitching. This color combo appeals to those of either gender.

Do pay careful attention to sizing when selecting a brace for your child’s knee pain. Every kid is different and the universal pediatric brace will not work for everyone. If a larger knee brace is required, some of our padded knee sleeves for adults may also work for adolescents.  

Kids Knee Brace for Various Joint Injuries

Knee injuries sideline many an active child each year. Thankfully, most injuries can be remedied with a few days or weeks of rest, possibly including the use of a child-size knee support sleeve or brace.

A twist or poor landing to a jump might sprain a ligament of the knee or, in a worst-case scenario, tear one of these tissues. Or a blow to the knee might force the kneecap out of position. And simply the growing periods of adolescence can cause painful issues, such as Osgood Schlatters disease where the tendon just below the kneecap becomes inflamed and pulled away from the shin.  

Such injuries cause varying degrees of swelling and pain, plus they often limit one’s range of motion. Whereas surgery is often required to repair a full ligament tear, many of these other soft tissue injuries can be addressed with conservative modes of treatment, including rest, compression, ice, elevation and possibly a physical therapy regimen.

This padded children’s knee brace can help with several of these elements, plus it protects the knee joint while it is in a more vulnerable state. The grade II compression it applies stimulates blood flow to the covered area, which is great for removing inflammation more rapidly and encouraging healing.

The ring of padding around the kneecap adds a layer of protection that is great for an accident-prone child or one whose sport(s) requires time on the knees, such as wrestling or volleyball. This also helps reduce any effusion (buildup of fluid) around the kneecap. It also stabilizes the patella within its patellar groove.

The ring around the patella of this knee support for younger children helps hold down the tendon in instances of Osgood Schlatters disease, though some prefer a simpler kids’ knee strap for this condition.

Another, rarer condition for which this youth/teen knee brace can help is juvenile arthritis of the knee. Unlike osteoarthritis of the knee (gonarthrosis) in adults, this condition in children usually stems from an autoimmune disorder.

A doctor can offer guidance as to the best plan of attack for managing one’s symptoms, but this generally includes staying active as much as possible. This is important for maintaining function and range of motion of one’s joints.

The juvenile arthritis knee brace can help with patellar tracking, minimizing irritation, in addition to reducing inflammation of the joint that is so problematic for people with these conditions. In addition, the flexible, soft area at the hollow of the knee along with its breathable material makes it a great child’s brace for sports use.  

Bort Pediatric Knee Brace Features

This small pediatric knee support can help with many sources of knee pain, helping your child to get back to tearing around the playground or court more quickly.  Following is a list of its features.

  • Offers patella support/stabilization for treating various sources of children’s knee pain
  • Knee brace for treating chronic irritation of the knee joint and fluid buildup around the knee, arthritis, ligament instability or meniscopathy
  • Silicone pad of this your knee orthotic offers targeted compression around the knee joint, which is great for relieving joint effusion
  • Sleeve for small knees applies class II compression for pain and inflammation relief
  • Lateral splints on either side of the brace add to the appeal of the child’s knee stabilizing brace
  • Splints also prevent the knee sleeve for adolescents from bunching up
  • Physiological 3D grid-structured knitted fabric prevents the athletic knee brace for kids from sliding down the leg, even with movement
  • Material of the children’s knee sleeve is breathable and comfortable against the skin
  • At the hollow of the knee, the kids’ padded knee brace features a soft flexion region
  • Padded sports knee support for children comes in a fun blue color with orange stitching
  • Low-profile youth’s knee brace is one size fits most elementary-school age kids, or older kids with skinny legs

Sizing Chart

Size6" Below Patella6" Above Patella
One Size - Fits Most Kids9" - 10.25"11" - 12.75"
Measurement points: 6" above your childs kneecap and 6" below.

Additional Information

L Code: L1815

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Great brace


This brace is great quality. The most exciting feature is the size. I have a very petite daughter that does gymnastics and almost all pediatric braces are too big. I highly recommend the Bort Pediatric Brace!!

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Bort Pediatric Knee Brace for Kids

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