Bort Patella Support Sleeve with Kneecap Protection

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Indications: Chronic post-traumatic or post-operative irritations of knee joint soft tissues, recurrent articular effusion, i.e. in the case of gonarthrosis, arthritis, ligament instability, meniscopathy
Detailed Description

This patella support brace is a great knee support to help fight instability in the knee cap and to help the recovery process so that patients can get moving like new.

  • The main features of this brace are in the way it’s designed around the patella area. Swollen knee or just a sore knee are both compressed and comforted with the silicone knee pads located around knee.
  • This patella support sleeve has a silicone ring with an opening at the front of the knee to promote breathability and comfort while still maintaining stability and compression to the knee injury.
  • This knee orthosis has a knee splint on each side of the brace to prevent lateral movement in order to protect ligament in the knee. Any severe injury to a ligament in knee can result in knee surgery or similar.
  • The design of the brace is all about quality, it is strong enough to prevent most knee problems yet thin and flexible enough to fit comfortably.
  • This patella knee support contains a silicone pad and one splint on each side, with pressure reducing edges.
  • Strong dual-tension quality
  • Helps in the recovery and protection from knee discomfort in the front and center of the knee caused by injured tendons or cartilage damage.
  • General knee instability is easily corrected and supported with this knee splint.
  • Bursitis—the inflammation of a fluid filled sac between the bones and tendons of the knee. This can have painful symptoms that need to be treated properly with the stabilization and compression offered by the Patella Recess.
  • Also works well in post surgery recovery, allowing stabilization and the mobility to perform knee exercises when capable.


  • Typical patella fixation support for stabilisation and relief of the knee joint
  • One lateral splint each side
  • Silicone pad
  • Highly elastic, soft flexion region in the hollow of the knee
  • Compression class II fabric conforms to the shape of your leg for the most comfortable fit
  • Physiological 3D grid-structured knitted fabric: - Non-slip fit with every body movement
  • Comfortable to wear while sitting or active

Sizing Chart

Size 6" Above kneecap 6" Below kneecap
M14" - 15.75"11.5" - 13"
Measurement point: Circumference of leg 6" above kneecap and 6" below your kneecap.

Additional Information

L Code: L1815

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Bort Patella Support Sleeve with Kneecap Protection

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