Bort Bariatric Pregnancy Back Brace & Pelvic Support

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Many an expecting mother finds herself in need of a belly support during pregnancy. One’s growing belly and other changes to the body during pregnancy can lead to pain in the back, abdomen and pelvic region. Wearing a plus-size maternity belly support that also functions as a back brace for pregnancy is a smart solution for making one’s final months of pregnancy more comfortable. This particular back support for pregnant ladies comes with rods at the back for extra support to the lumbar spine

Detailed Description

Back and Belly Support During Pregnancy

This high-quality pregnant belly support from Bort has a number of features that help it stand out from other pregnancy support belts. The pelvic support belt for pregnancy is constructed of flexible elastic that melds itself to one’s body. This material is also quite breathable, so one does not have to worry about getting sweaty while wearing this pelvic brace for pregnancy.

Besides having some degree of give simply because the belly brace pregnancy support is constructed of elastic, one can also adjust the length of the pelvic belt during pregnancy to accommodate for a growing belly thanks to an extra strap.

Some even use the belly support belt after pregnancy. The compression and support the abdominal wrap provides helps get the uterus back to its normal size and it can make one more comfortable with movement after giving birth.

How exactly does wearing Bort’s belly support for pregnancy help? Well as one’s stomach grows, it increases the amount of stress on the back, especially the low back that is largely responsible for supporting the weight of one’s upper body. The growing belly can also create alignment and posture problems that compound the amount of pressure on the back. All of this can lead to back and/or pelvic pain.

Wearing a pregnancy back brace like this that lifts the belly and helps with load bearing can provide welcome relief to one’s achy low back.

Adding to the supportive qualities of this pregnancy lower back support is the fact that it widens to 9.5 inches at the back. This spreads out the load bearing across more of the back. Plus the narrower front portion makes it a more comfortable and functional back brace while pregnant. If pelvic bands for pregnancy are too wide at the belly, they may not fit smoothly against one’s tummy and/or they might rub against one’s legs while one is walking. 

Another feature that helps make this a best back brace for pregnancy is the four rods for additional back support. These rods run vertically at intervals across the back of the maternity pelvic brace.

One can opt to add or remove them from the back brace during pregnancy. This is convenient as one may need more support in the final stages of pregnancy or if one expects to have a long day on her feet.

The brace for back and pelvic support during pregnancy is fairly lightweight and it comes in a simple white color.

Why Wear a Back Brace for Pregnancy?

An estimated 50% to 70% of pregnant women experience back pain to some degree during pregnancy. That discomfort can occur at any point during pregnancy but it is most common toward the end of one’s term. A variety of changes in the body can cause this pelvic or back discomfort.

For one, the body releases a hormone called relaxin that causes the ligaments of the pelvis to soften as needed for delivery of the baby, but this hormone can also make one’s pelvis less stable, resulting in joint irritation and pain.

As one’s belly grows it also shifts one’s center of gravity forward. This along with the resulting changes in posture can also trigger back or pelvic pain. Plus simply the added weight of one’s growing uterus and baby can increase pressure on the back.

It is important to address this discomfort as back and pelvic pain can disrupt one’s life and sleep—which is not good for you, your loved ones or the baby. This stomach support for pregnant women can play an important role in doing so.

Since those who are overweight before pregnancy or have a history of back pain are at higher risk of experiencing back pain when they are expecting, the fact that this is a plus-size maternity support belt is especially appropriate. This also makes it a great multiple pregnancies abdominal support.

The pregnancy stomach support lifts the belly, helping to stabilize it and lessen stress on the abdomen, back and pelvis. By doing so the pelvic belt for pregnancy helps with one’s posture as well. Ultimately, the ability of the bariatric pregnancy support to do all of this eases pain.

Another feature that makes this one of the best pregnancy belly supports is the attention to its back support components. The dorsal component of the backbrace for pregnant women is 9.5 inches tall, providing an adequate amount of support to the low- and mid-back and helping to spread out the weight of one’s belly.

The back support brace for pregnancy has four rods that can be added or removed as desired for either extra support or a sleeker fit.

When wearing a belly support while pregnant, no woman wants to be made any more uncomfortable than she already is. Therefore, this belly and back support pregnancy belt is constructed of elastic material that is quite breathable, comfortable and lightweight. Plus the flexible sizing of this pregnancy girdle for back pain means it can also act as a stomach support after pregnancy. This can be helpful for pain and compressing the uterus so it gets back to normal faster.

Other steps besides wearing plus-size maternity belts to ease one’s back pain might include:

  • Engage in exercises to strengthen one’s abdomen, back and pelvic floor
  • See a physiotherapist or chiropractor for manipulation of the hip, back or pelvis to improve stiff areas
  • Try massage therapy
  • Do not wear unsupportive shoes like high heels
  • Sleep on the left side with a support pillow under the knees; avoid sleeping on one’s back
  • Use ice or heat therapy

Details about Bort’s Obese Pregnant Belly Support

Determining which maternity support belt for multiples is best is no easy task. But the high-quality design of this pregnancy stomach support with added back support features and highly flexible sizing makes Bort’s back brace for pregnant a woman a top contender when it comes to finding the best pregnancy belly support. Following is a list of its features:

  • Elastic back brace for pregnancy conforms to one’s body
  • Pregnancy band in bariatric sizes is lightweight and breathable
  • Maternity support belt for overweight individuals supports and stabilizes the belly
  • Provides back, hip and pelvic support in pregnancy
  • The 9.5-inch height of the dorsal (back) side helps with load bearing
  • Four rods at the back of the brace provide extra support for pregnancy back pain
  • The rods can be removed for a sleeker fit
  • Indications: Lumbar back pain, obesity, multiple pregnancy
  • Wide Velcro straps makes it easy to remove, apply and adjust this bariatric pregnancy support
  • The obese pregnant belly support comes with an extra strap that allows adjustment to varying stomach circumferences.
  • The added strap also helps one to adjust the pelvic support belt during pregnancy as one’s belly grows
  • Maternity belt in obese sizes comes in a simple white color

  • Body-hugging design of the brace makes wearing the pelvic support belt in pregnancy discreet
  • 9.5" height in back
  • There are three sizes of these pregnancy belts for back support that fit pelvic circumferences ranging from 35 inches up to a plus size that fits 54 inches
  • Each size is adjustable so you can adjust the fit as your belly grows

Sizing Chart

SizeCircumference of Pelvis
#135" - 41"
#241" - 47"
#347" - 54"
Measurement point: Circumference of pelvis at iliac crest (see 2nd image)

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Bort Bariatric Pregnancy Back Brace & Pelvic Support

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