Bort MobiDig Dynamic Finger PIP Extension Splint

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The MobiDig Finger Extension Splint is perfect for a more comfortable and durable recovery from finger pain. It is designed to allow a more breathable experience than a typical splint brace while still providing all of the elements to fight pain in your finger joints.
Detailed Description

PIP Extension Splint Features

  • When you splint a finger with the MobiDig finger support, the proximal interphalangeal (PIP) joints—the joints in the fingers—are supported and comorted, being kept from flexing.
  • Finger padding on the brace adds comfort and support.
  • Bending the spring located on the splint finger increases or reduces the force of the brace.
  • Added padding in the palm area for extra comfort and usability.

What is a Dynamic Finger Extension Splint Used for?

  • The MobiDig is very capable of dealing with injuries to the PIP joints in the fingers. This occurs when a finger ligament is injured or the bone is pulled away from the ligament, sometimes requiring surgery.
  • This splint for finger is used to stabilize and allow the injury to recover, whether surgery is needed or not.
  • Trigger finger—when a finger or thumb gets stuck in a bent position or snaps back into place.

A Sports Extension Finger Splint with other Uses

  • Sports players will understand how important the fingers and thumbs are when being active. This brace works well for minor finger sprains and strains, allowing the player to get back to doing what they love quicker.
  • A thumb splint for thumb pain needs to cover the thumb and part of the wrist to effectively diminish thumb pain where the finger splint directly targets the source.
  • Unlike a wrist that needs to cover such a large space, the splint in finger effectively defeats pain in fingers by be applied directly to the area in need of relief.
  • Finger splint for flexion of PIP joints
  • Very comfortable to wear due to ergonomic, durable padding
  • Carefully bending the spring can increase or reduce the tension
  • The linear elastic force and proximal padding in the palm area of this PIP extension finger brace provide the perfect balance of comfort and tension.
  • Color: black

Sizing Chart

SizeLengthFinger Width
X-Small2" - 2.5"1/2"
Small2.5" - 3"1/2" - 2/3"
Medium3" - 3.5"2/3" - 3/4"
Large3.5" - 4"3/4" - 1"
Measurement point: Length - Distal fold of palm to distal finger fold.
Measurement point: Width - Finger width at PIP joint.

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Bort MobiDig Dynamic Finger PIP Extension Splint

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